Rosalind Margulies

LC offers indigenous students bookstore discount


Lewis & Clark is nothing if not plagued by its history. Last month, graffiti decrying the manner in which LC upholds the legacies of Lewis Meriwether and William Clark, by taking their names ,appeared on campus. In response to this, the school has decided to take bold and unprecedented action to make amends with Indigenous

Four tips to start your weightlifting journey


Recently, weightlifting has come into vogue, and for many good reasons. The sport has many benefits for both physical and mental health. However, the weight room can be a daunting place to the inexperienced. With vast amounts of conflicting information on the internet, it can be difficult to know where to start and to whom

Which Portland Tinder types to know so you can avoid them


Deep within the digital jungles, where few dare to tread, exists Portland Tinder: a lawless, cutthroat wasteland where only the strong survive in the war to find a mate. Here are some profiles of some of the creatures that stalk this land to assist you in your decision to swipe, or not to swipe.  The

Thank god! High school crush finally gross enough to get over


Rejoice! New intel from Instagram has shown that former high school crush and D-average student, Chad Brosley, is finally repugnant enough to turn off Instagram notifications for. His new haircut, described by experts as a combination mohawk-fro-rat tail, hit Instagram last Thursday and has his high school graduating class in an uproar.  “Chad was like,