Frankie Spurbeck

Student union demands bottom-up reform on campus


The newest student union is penetrating campus life down to its core. The Bottom Student Union, or SUB, has formed to promote equality and sexual liberation. In its own words, SUB is “dedicated to destigmatizing bottoming by providing education and resources surrounding bottoming. We strive to build an inclusive community for bottoms of all races,

Students in silent section deserve quiet study space


The silent section of the Aubrey R. Watzek Library occupies the southernmost part of the second and third floor of the library, overlooking the reflecting pool. As the name suggests, that section of the library is intended to be silent, or, at the very least, free of speech. Yet, when I study there, I consistently

Welcome back orgy to be socially distanced


Due to COVID-19 concerns ASLC announces the annual night of hedonism will be masked, contact traced Lewis & Clark’s annual Welcum Back Orgy (WBO) is a cherished school tradition that boasts a long and venerable past. However, COVID-19 spares no event, and this sensual soirée is not an exception.  According to a statement released by

Two extremists meet in middle, kindle a radical, ill-informed love


In our era of increasing partisanship, it can feel impossible to work, or even play, across the aisle. But rest assured! True love still conquers all. This week, we interview Lauren and Trevor, a couple from opposite ends of the political spectrum: Lauren is a self-described “#girlboss, moderate Democrat who primaried for Marianne Williamson” and

We need to change our mascot: it is time to talk about Seaman


Let us finally face it, Pios. It is time for a new mascot. I will start with the obvious: what even is a “pio?” Is it short for pioneer? Is it short for pioneer … ing? Is it an acronym for Pretty Interesting Opinion, surely? Just kidding. I am 90% sure it is short for