Consumers must not fall for Disney magic

Image by Joanne Sally Mero

Everyone is excited about Disney+. I was too. You mean I can now watch “A Bug’s Life,” National Geographic documentaries and the new Star Wars movie all in one place? Sign me up! 

Actually, please do not sign me up. And you should not sign up either. I am sorry to burst the bubble of happiness and nostalgia that Disney reinvigorated in all of us when they announced their new Disney+ streaming platform, but we should not be supporting this. Here is why. 

The Walt Disney Company is the second-largest media company in the world. I would be willing to bet that any smaller media or production company you can think of has been bought out by Disney or has a massive proportion of shares owned by the company. It is the parent company of ABC, Hulu, ESPN, Marvel Entertainment, LucasFilm, Pixar, Touchstone Pictures and thanks to a recent mega merger, 20th Century Fox. Each of these companies owned by Disney has varying numbers of their own daughter companies, creating what can only be described as a massive corporate family tree with Walt Disney as the patriarch. 

Without question, Disney has a monopoly over the media industry. The amount of control Disney has over media from production to streaming is incomprehensibly broad; not to mention the theme parks, hotels, cruise lines, merchandise and various other industries outside of media that Disney profits from. For Disney to launch a streaming service of their own is not only unnecessary, but allows them to expand their monopolistic practices into other industries that were previously more diversified. Disney, despite being known for its collection of iconic, wholesome content, is just another corporate conglomerate seeking to maximize its profits. 

Now, I am not saying that a few corporation-averse liberals boycotting Disney+ is going to affect the company and their $130 billion net worth whatsoever. But, I do believe that we should not allow a shield of childhood nostalgia to protect a grossly immoral corporation. As alluring as Disney+ might be, please do not give more of your money to this company; they already have enough of it. Be a comrade and pirate Disney movies for free online like the rest of us.

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