Students age eons as professor fixes projector


*The Backdoor is a work of fiction and humor By Madeleine Fellows Several students lost their minds Thursday as a result of an innocent professor trying to turn on an overhead projector. It was an ordinary morning in Intro to Physics when local professor, Dr. Lorenzo Clark, decided to incorporate a YouTube video into his

Tobacco Industry Collapses as LC outlaws on-campus use


*The Backdoor is a work of fiction and humor By Andrew Hayes It is no secret that every single Lewis & Clark student for the last 151 years has been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. With new nicotine alternatives such as the JUUL and other electronic cigarettes, the tobacco industry has especially thrived

Rail Pios: A guide to the LC Tinder scene


*The Backdoor is a work of fiction and humor By Mackenzie Herring Lewis and Clark may have been seasoned pioneers, but even they never got to encounter the endlessly dynamic wilderness that is LC Tinder. For a school with a culture as synonymous with that of Tinder as Reed is with sobriety, LC truly has

Angry at satire? Then it’s working


By Peter Kranitz I would like to begin by reiterating my statement from Nov. 4 about the article published in the Backdoor on Nov. 3 titled “New study finds LC actually has Athletics department.” The piece, which was a work of satire, was not intended to delegitimize or denigrate student athletes. The Pioneer Log is

Quiz of LC!


In honor of LC’s 150th anniversary and the Pioneer Log’s 75th birthday, the Backdoor humbly presents a look back at Lewis & Clark’s history. How well do you know the college? Let’s find out! What was the previous name of Lewis & Clark College? Lewis Albany Quadrangle What? Previous name of what…? Phoenix University Stanford

I need your help partner! A Message From Prez David Ellis


Howdy y’all! Glad you’re with me today. The name’s Ellis, David Ellis, but you can just call me Lone Ranger from my good ole cattle days. I’ve been around these parts a little time now and I can tell you we’re in tough shape.  Sheffield and those Reedie boys `cross the river sure hit us

LC’s in debt yo!


WHAT HAPPENED — Lewis & Clark College, the second best small liberal arts college in Portland Oregon, is in debt. Several reasons caused this unfortunate situation for the school, including, the rising cost of streamers for student clubs, the purchase of a grotesquely expensive and sometimes functional printer for Watzek and the ineffectual leadership of

Halloween costume ideas for LC students


AFTER LIVING in Portland for a couple years, I’ve grown accustomed to the drastic weather changes. But just because the rain has started, doesn’t mean it’s all Columbia raincoats and Hunter boots. In fact, rain is the last thing on my mind when planning for my favorite holiday: Halloween. It’s no news that Lewis &

What type of Lewis and Clark Student are you?


*This article is a work of fiction and satire. Please don’t sue us.* Take this definitive quiz to find out! RECENTLY Willamette Week decided to published an article titled: “Which Portland College are You?” We at the Pioneer Log (and yours truly) decided to take this a step further. Find out what type of Lewis