Quiz of LC!

In honor of LC’s 150th anniversary and the Pioneer Log’s 75th birthday, the Backdoor humbly presents a look back at Lewis & Clark’s history. How well do you know the college? Let’s find out!

What was the previous name of Lewis & Clark College?

  1. Lewis
  2. Albany Quadrangle
  3. What? Previous name of what…?
  4. Phoenix University
  5. Stanford Univer— ha just kidding. You serious right now?


Answer: B


Why are Meriwether Lewis and William Clark famous?

  1. Previously walked the Boston triathlon
  2. Accomplished flute players who toured under the name: “Meriweather and the Flooty Floot Floots”
  3. Previously headlined Coachella
  4. Launched “North Face” clothing company
  5. American history needed something to talk about during 1804-1806


Answer: 1)


What was the name of Lewis and Clark’s trusted companion and newfoundland dog?

  1. Roll Pios!
  2. Seamen
  3. Seawomen
  4. Did you seriously ask this question, Backdoor? Smh


Answer: 2) and a little bit of 4). (This one wasn’t entirely a joke, the dog was actually named Seamen.


Why are two buildings on campus named Howard?

  1. To confused Pizza delivery drivers, obviously
  2. It’s a pretty common white person’s’ last name tbh
  3. Famed President Howard R. Howard (1960-1981) revolutionized Lewis & Clark College,  including launching our overseas program and oversaw the construction of Watzek and Pamplin sports center. For their gratitude, the school decided to name two buildings after the late president, one for his first and last name.
  4. I don’t talk to Freshman. There is only one building called Howard on campus…


Answer: 1) and 3)


What’s the story behind the name: Frank Manor House?

  1. It’s Mr. Frank’s manor house silly.
  2. Mr. Manor was the President of Lewis and Clark Expedition fan club.
  3. Mr. Manor was a generous alumni of LC. As a student, Mr. Manor tried unsuccessfully to enroll in “The Art of Japanese Tea Ceremony” twenty-three times. Feeling bad, the administration named a building after him.
  4. Wait… Isn’t Frank his last name?


Answer: 4)


When was Lewis & Clark College originally founded?

  1. 69 a.d.
  2. Idk I only heard about the place a couple years ago when I got an annoying flyer in the mail. So like 2011…?
  3. Uh… one of those times when people still owned slaves


Why did LC move its campus to the Palatine Hill?

  1. Because Lake Oswego is clearly superior to Portland dumbass
  2. “To experience a small liberal arts college environment with a diverse reach”
  3. To limit students bon-alternatives to Subway and that one gas station that sells White Castle Burgers
  4. To get away from poor people


Answer: 1). Really when you think about it Lake O has some great accommodations, like there’s a local Trader Joe’s, a splendid movie theater, and those home prices are so cheap! …


Why was the college founded?

  1. To spread Christianity in this godless heathen-infested land west of the Mississippi
  2. Because it would be fun!
  3. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark really wanted to escape married life


Answer: 1)


What is LC’s most popular class?

  1. English 326: Intro to Barista training
  2. E&D! All the classes were so much fun! LOL XD
  3. That one SOAN class I sort of showed up for. Something something Foucault…
  4. Unemployment


Answer: Really pick your own adventure here


Which is the most popular brand of American spirits on campus?

  1. Easy — the off-blue indigo colored ones
  2. The ones the slightly annoying guy at the DSA offers me
  3. The yellows…?
  4. I don’t smoke cigarettes until finals, so you’ll have to ask me then


Who was LC’s first president?

  1. Star Lord
  2. Abraham Lincoln Jr.
  3. A very young Meryl Streep
  4. Morgan “The Big Daddy O” Odell


Answer: 4)


What was the goal of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

  1. Trample on some more Native American land
  2. So Lewis and Clark could spend some “alone time” together
  3. To complete the final passage of the Amazing Race
  4. Uh… to find the Northwest… er it’s been awhile since fourth grade history… sorry bro


Answer: 4


Why are LC’s colors orange and black?

  1. HUGE Giants fan
  2. Reed had already taken Maroon / White
  3. Whiz Khalifa had already taken black and yellow


What was LC’s first ever club?

  1. European appreciation student union (EASU)
  2. Teaching students to read (TSR)
  3. Mac Demarco appreciation fan club (SLD Days)


What is LC’s “fight song?”

  1. Kyoto by Yung Lean
  2. ACDC’s “Shoot to Thrill”
  3. Plagiarized copy of Harvard’s, now titled “Ten Thousand Men of Lewis & Clark”
  4. Whatever Ryan Seacrest is spinning these days


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