Halloween costume ideas for LC students

Illustration Courtesy of Visuals Editor Raya Deussen

AFTER LIVING in Portland for a couple years, I’ve grown accustomed to the drastic weather changes. But just because the rain has started, doesn’t mean it’s all Columbia raincoats and Hunter boots. In fact, rain is the last thing on my mind when planning for my favorite holiday: Halloween. It’s no news that Lewis & Clark students take our Halloweekends very seriously, and with Halloween right around the corner, here are some LC-specific costume ideas to get the wheels turning.

1) Moodle:

Drastically change your appearance halfway through the day. Have an exhausting conversation with someone and bring it up again a half hour later purely in order to exhaust the other person further, even though the conversation is clearly over.

2) Historical Materials student:

Carry an energy drink (preferably Viso) and a stack of at least 15 library books. Post up at the materials table in Watzek and yell at anyone who tries to sit down with you. Collect dollar bills from everyone you see because your print balance is out and you need to buy more.

3) Maggie’s employee:

Wear a Maggie’s uniform, walk into Maggie’s and start a shift. Make yourself a drink to complete this look.

4) Karma closet:

Wear a bunch of layers of clothing. Take them off slowly throughout the day and give them to anyone you see.

5) The ghost of Radio Cab:

Don a white-and-black checkered outfit. Stare at your phone all day waiting for a call, but receiving none. Make well-established plans two hours in advance, and show up an hour and a half late. Tell strangers too much about your personal life.

6) “Where’s Barry?”:

Wear a red and white striped shirt under an ill-fitting suit, while carrying a LC Bookstore tote bag and a comically large umbrella. Don’t forget to walk around campus in circles vacantly smiling at everyone but talking to no one, and hiding from anyone who does try to talk to you. Only use back doors!

7) DSA:

Carry a green umbrella and talk too loudly about how you only smoke when you’re drunk. For a less mainstream look, pull some inspiration from Dark Star and/or Narnia with full camo, mud-caked boots, and a strand of puka shells.

8) Pio:

Wear white and orange and arrive at least 15 minutes late to every class. Bonus points for taking every turn a little too fast and drifting into bikers!

9) The ghost of your first-year enthusiasm:

Complete this look with an LC sweatshirt from the bookstore and the room number of some dude in Copeland who has vodka.

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