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Attractive historic homes near LC bring the past to life


THE CITY OF Portland was established in 1851 and many  beautiful old homes from its earliest years still stand. Here is a list of a few of the architectural sites to see in the surrounding area. The Johan Poulsen House  If you have ever driven over the Willamette River on the Ross Island Bridge, you

Wander the breathtaking woodlands through Oregon


With the return of academic life, getting outside can be a breath of fresh air for Lewis & Clark students. September and October are the last two months of the year with temperatures above the sixties and less than 10 days of rain — that means this is the perfect time to go for a

Post-college anxieties prevalent among LC’s graduating students


Many seniors feel a great deal of stress in the weeks and months leading up to graduation. Some look forward to established careers — others are still sorting out their plans. Both will have to get used to life beyond the Lewis & Clark community. According to The New York Times, college graduates often feel

College Outdoors resumes open houses after dire winter storm


After postponing its Feb. 16 Open House due to the recent winter storms, College Outdoors (CO) has resumed its biweekly schedule. The second Open House of the semester, held on Feb. 23, taught attendees about navigation and how to use a compass. Kori Rosenstiel, operations manager at CO, led the event together with Student Coordinator

Mental health of college students dependent upon proper sleep habits


It is well known that college students need seven to nine hours of sleep. But what is the big deal? What is so important about sleep? Sleep is closely linked to the health of the human body, both mental and physical. According to the Mayo Clinic, sleep is tied to important processes such as the

Mental health suffers during abnormal winter


It has been a long winter. Between the ongoing pandemic, an attempted insurrection on our government and transitioning back to campus under enhanced social distancing, this year has brought additional mental health stressors. Robin Keillor, Lewis & Clark’s director of clinical services, spoke about the impact of this complicated winter on students’ mental health. Seasonal

Trump’s harmful behavior must not be forgotten


Faced with a disease that threatens millions of lives around the globe, it is obviously counterproductive to blame any one person or waste time and energy on divisive polarization. But there is one person we cannot avoid talking about: the president.  Many are hailing Trump’s recent pivot on COVID-19. His administration has recognized the threat

Use and abuse of history in Japan and South Korea


Kenneth Ruoff, Professor of History and Director of The Center for Japanese Studies at Portland State University, gave a presentation on Feb. 17 entitled “The Use and Abuse of History in Japan and Korea.” The talk took place in Miller 105, and was co-sponsored by Lewis & Clark’s Asian Studies Program and History Department. Ruoff

U.S. Census recruits students


Over the past few weeks, Census recruiters canvassed heavily on Lewis & Clark’s campus in an effort to recruit workers for the 2020 U.S. Census. April 1 is National Census Day, marking the deadline for people across the U.S. to answer 10 census questions, with the goal of accurately counting every person living in the

Historic LC: timeline of three LC Presidents


Over its 153 year tenure as an institution, Lewis & Clark College has had a grand total of 26 presidents, interim presidents, and acting presidents. Some of their names are likely familiar to current students, as they live on in the names of buildings on campus: for example Morgan S. Odell of Odell dormitory and

2019 Master Plan outlines LC’s next decade


Lewis & Clark has a new 2019 Master Plan, also known as a Campus Facilities Plan, which has been in development since 2017. The plan works as a rough outline for the next decade of campus facility improvements. Michel George, associate vice president for facilities, was LC’s primary contact with Sasaki, the design firm contracted