Tor Parsons

Tor Parsons '24 is a well-known figure on campus. I interviewed three random LC students to gauge the public opinion on Tor.

"Who?" - A student with a really cool backpack

"I have no idea who you're talking about." - Some dude on the Pio Express

"He's cool, I guess." - Tor's roommate

SEED bee garden thrives through COVID, winter, hive separatism


In Spring 2020, shortly before Lewis & Clark was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic, Students Engaged in Eco-Defense (SEED) embarked on a project to start a bee garden on campus. During the previous semester, club leader Mateo Kaiser ’23 had successfully campaigned for money from the Associated Student Body (ASB) Finance Committee to fund

Breakout instrumental funk band Mr. Beautiful takes PDX by storm


Mr. Beautiful is destined for stardom. This seven-piece band composed of current and former Lewis & Clark students has been playing to larger and larger audiences since they were founded in mid-summer 2021. Concert-goers can now hear their long, energetic instrumental songs at venues across Portland. “We played nine shows over the summer, and we’ve

Portland bridge review: best and worst of Bridgetown


PORTLAND’S MANY bridges are arguably the best-known landmarks of the city. 12 bridges span the Willamette River within city limits, while three more cross the Columbia River on the city’s northern edge. Most are drawbridges, which lift as needed to let barges pass through the city. There is no regular schedule for when the bridges

Thanksgiving is not a celebration of genocide, rather a commemoration of harvest, gratitude


If you went to elementary school in the United States, you have undoubtedly heard the conventional myth of the first Thanksgiving. The story typically goes something like this: When the Pilgrims, the first permanent white settlers of what is now the U.S., arrived in today’s Massachusetts, they had to learn to survive in the wild.

Fire Arts puts on white-hot show


Every Tuesday and Thursday night at the basketball court uphill from Maggie’s, students make magic with flaming objects. Some swing around staffs with burning wicks on both ends, spinning them so fast that they create an aerial ring of fire. Some twirl “dragon staffs,” which have five burning points on each end. A few perform

Abdo Al Rayyis ’22 debuts new season of popular comedy show


Abdo Al Rayyis ’22 has always thrived in front of an audience. “In high school, I was probably the only weird kid who wanted to do presentations,” Al Rayyis said.  This enthusiasm was what led Al Rayyis, a sixteen-year-old who had recently immigrated from Iraq, to start hosting a live show focusing on Middle Eastern

Four festive haunts to visit before Halloween


Fall is in the air. The wind has a bite to it, corporations have added pumpkin and ghost emojis to their Twitter bios and your dad has inevitably begun forwarding you and all your family members that humor piece about autumn from McSweeney’s. And as the world emerges from an event far scarier than any

Remote Alaskan city offers small-town appeal


The first thing I noticed upon arriving in Whittier, Alaska were the mountains crisscrossed by waterfalls and dappled with snow, which surround the small town on three sides. The next thing I noticed were a pair of buildings. One was an abandoned hulk that looked like it could be the site of an ambush in

LC launches new major fundraising campaign


After years of planning, Lewis & Clark has launched its Exploring for the Global Good fundraising program, with a goal to raise $155 million by 2024 for improving campus programs and facilities. Exploring for the Global Good is LC’s first major fundraiser in 20 years. The program consists of marketing campaigns, grant proposals and public

Explore, hunt for treasure with geocaching


The app, Geocaching, tells me I am 75 feet away from my destination. A Washington Park hillside, covered in dense ivy and prickly blackberry vines, blocks my way. Will I have to scale it? No — this cache’s description says no bushwhacking is necessary to reach where I am headed. Sure enough, I find a

Data science, cybersecurity will debut at LC


Starting next year, Lewis & Clark will begin offering a data science minor and a concentration in cybersecurity for computer science majors.  Covering topics including computer science, statistics and the use of computers in social sciences, the data science minor will be the first new minor created at LC since the college added minors in

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