Letter from the editors: Templeton remodel

Campus center renovation prioritized some offices over others, student organization spaces not updated

Last academic year The Mossy Log spent our time in an office in the Odell Basement, an unpleasant location we knew was necessary and temporary in order to accommodate construction. We were thrilled to hear that our space allocation in Templeton was complete mid-semester, but we were dismayed at the result.

Our previous office was returned to us and we knew it would not be remodeled. However, it was disappointing to return to the dingy carpet, still-peeling paint and all the same dust still settled into the nooks of the room. We are not alone in this fact as numerous other student organization offices remain untouched, including the Black Student Union and the Native Student Union.

This is not the vision we were told. In fact, the Templeton remodel was supposed to prioritize student spaces on campus. The eventual name change from Templeton Campus Center to Stephanie Fowler Student Center even emphasizes this shift. For student organizations, the core of student life, to be disregarded in this way shows this promise to be false.

That being said, not all organizational offices were untouched. We hold no animosity against groups with updated spaces because this is what all student organizations deserve. 

We refuse to allow the inequity of the student center remodel to divide student groups, but rather highlight the hypocritical nature of how the situation panned out. For space allocations to be dealt so unevenly without a wider conversation is not only unfair, but seeks to sow conflict. 

How can a college that claims to focus on equity, inclusion and diversity justify remodeling one student space and not another?

We are grateful to have these spaces to form community on campus. We are especially grateful to have more options as the student center gradually opens. Our one demand is to hear a response as to why so many offices are unchanged and how allocations decisions were made.


Venus Edlin, Noah Reese-Clauson, Ava Frison, Amelia Doyle, Ashlyn Little and Emma Ford 

Endorsed by Gagged, Native Student Union, Kendo Club, KPH Radio, Muslim Student Association and Tiny House Club

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