Venus Edlin

Now is the time to improve attendance policies


With Lewis & Clark’s alleged “return to normal” it seems that many professors have not retained insights from the beginning of the pandemic. For example, reinstituting strict attendance policies places an undue burden on students, especially those who are disabled.  I understand why many professors have returned to pre-pandemic attendance policies. On the surface it

Students register for LCs “intent to apply” program


The new program will guide students and alumni through the year-long medical school application process The Center for Community and Global Health launched its inaugural Intent to Apply program for medical school after its registration period closed on Sept. 24. Carolyn Zook began serving as the associate director of the center for community and global

Dance studio offers feminist pole dancing in PDX


Ecdysiast is a pole and specialty dance studio in downtown Portland that aims to be an inclusive space, pushing against strip club established pole norms. I attended their taster class and tried pole dancing for the first time. Shannon Gee co-founded the studio in 2008. As an Asian woman and single mom with a 10th

Graduate Clinic set to switch to digital system


The Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center, which is part of the practicum portion of the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, recently purchased an electronic health record system called Theranest. The new system comes after the center was forced to switch to telehealth in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus far,

Netflix announces film adaptation of English professor’s nonfiction work


Associate Professor of English Pauls Toutonghi’s 2016 book “Dog Gone: A Lost Pet’s Extraordinary Journey and the Family who Brought Him Home” is being adapted into a film by Netflix. The book tells the true story of Toutonghi’s in-laws searching for their dog Gonker, who disappears into the woods off the Appalachian Trail. The dog

Office of Student Accessibility aims to expand services


This summer, Lewis & Clark combined Student Support Services (SSS) and Case Management to create the new Office of Student Accessibility (OSA). Aimée Milne was appointed to the office’s director after starting at LC as a counselor and case manager in 2014. Milne also graduated from LC in 2002 with a master’s degree in counseling

Dean of Spiritual Life retires after three decades at LC


Dean Emeritus of Spiritual Life Mark Duntley retired at the end of July after working in the chapel at Lewis & Clark for 32 years. Duntley has long been an engaged member of the LC community, from serving as the Collins View neighborhood liaison to his extensive involvement in the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee.

COVID-19 cases remained low during spring semester


One off-campus student tested positive for COVID-19 on April 17. Two residential College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) students have also tested positive as of April 12.  The two residential students had close contact with each other, though no other close contacts were identified. The off-campus student had no close contacts. These cases are the

LC cancels on-campus vaccination


Lewis & Clark canceled the COVID-19 vaccination clinic scheduled for April 10 at Pamplin Sports Center three days before the event was set to take place. LC has yet to announce if there will be other clinics during the remainder of the semester. The medical provider that was slated to administer vaccinations unexpectedly did not

Students assemble nudist cult in response to full laundry machines


Buck Naykid ’21 spent hours in the Manzanita Hall laundry room waiting for a washer to open on a Sunday afternoon. The dim room smelled vaguely damp and sour as Naykid rocked back and forth to the thumping of the machines. Something had to be done, so he dropped his pants. Naykid considered many options

Social media’s major issue is data mining


IT IS TIME TO demystify social media use. The problem is not how much we use it, but that the private companies that own them use our labor and data to profit. We are using social media more than ever, and while there are ramifications to consider on a personal level, as with any technology,

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