A review of Champion: the trendy sportswear brand

Photo by Aidan D'Anna

Thirty years before Adidas, fifty years before Nike, Champion was the most influential name in sportswear. Inventor of the hoodie, pioneer of the “reverse weave” manufacturing technique, and past sponsor of the NBA (National Basketball Association) and NFL (National Football Association) since 1919, Champion has been the only brand that exists somewhere between perfect for pickup and acceptable to wear out for a meal; it is athletic wear you do not want to sweat in and it is my favorite brand of leisure clothing. 

I remember Champion as the first brand that taught me that “retro” was not only an insult but instead another version of  “cool.” I watched as styles from the ’30s and ’40s came back into fashion, and I grew excited as I realized that my habit of keeping old clothes in the back of my closet was not a symptom of hoarder syndrome, but a stroke of genius. I had several old Champion styles packed away, clothes I thought would never again see the light of day, but for some reason I could not bear to let them go. This was the unspoken connection I had to the brand. 

Now I am proud of my affinity for Champion. I regularly save up to buy hoodies in a style I already have just because I need that new color. I comb through thrift store racks and goodwill bins looking for the iconic “C” logo. I own Champion clothes that no longer fit me simply because I can not let them go; I know no one else will appreciate them as much as I do. I conduct regular searches on Depop (my favorite online clothing store) by brand, and when I find a pair of Champion sweatpants in my size, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even if they do not fit perfectly, I will probably buy them anyway, hoping my grandma can hem them enough that I can add another piece to my collection. I like Champion because they are up front with their customers, they are ambitious (they named their brand after their clientele) and they do not try to be something they are not. Their clothes are good for any occasion. I have a corduroy sweatshirt from Champion that I would be comfortable wearing to anything from a job interview to a night out with my friends. 

Admittedly, I used to think of the brand Champion as the lowest rung in the ladder of athletic styles. I believe it is underrated on a public stage. I used to avoid their display in the clothing store, but the more Nike and Adidas tried to convince me of their superiority, the more I realized that Champion was better without even trying. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a Champion advertisement? The brand speaks for itself. To me, Champion is Christmas morning, it is worth saving for and it is looking stylish and comfortable at the same time.

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