Dance Extravaganza to be held in Fir Acres


With the conclusion of “The King Stag,” Fir Acres Theater readies itself for leaps and turns as Dance Extravaganza (Dance X) exercises full reign over the marley on the main stage. Choreographers and dancers alike have been working for hours each week to perfect their pieces, each of the five dances running upwards of eight minutes in length.

Although this year’s Dance X will showcase a diverse collection of pieces, rehearsals have a common emphasis on collaboration, enriching the choreographic process as well as the dancers’ experience. This two-way method allows for dancers to take more ownership of the piece as their movement melds with the choreographer’s, the dance thus metamorphosing to include concepts from multiple minds as opposed to one. Collaboration also gives rise to an almost infinite stream of inspiration as dancers and choreographers constantly feed each other’s ideas. This year’s unique quality of mutualism is not only experienced in choreographer to dancer relationships, but amongst choreographers as well; choreographers therefore have the opportunity to learn from their colleagues as well as give insight into the creative process.

This is the first time that I really feel that our group of choreographers is a team. In the past it has felt like we’re competing but this year it feels like we’re supporting each other’s artistic process and it feels really great!” said choreographer Trisha Kumar ’16.

Dance X also finds commonality in the themes of its pieces. Intensity and emotional connection in tandem with the sheer beauty and power behind the movement contribute to the overall purpose of storytelling.

“Themes of conflict, chaos, individuality, isolation, self-doubt, dreaming, and unconditional support are the pulsing heartbeat that drive these pieces forward and are what makes them so compelling,” said choreographer Eva Goellner ’16.

Overall, this year’s Dance X promises to be a collection of narratives that will play with the emotions of the audience as hardships are endured and overcome, individuality grasps hands with commonality, and the deepest parts of the human heart are revealed.

Dance X performances are on Dec. 4-5 at 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on the Lewis & Clark website, through the Theater Department.

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