Fir Acres

Anon(ymous) actors examine meaning of home


By Caitlin Chappell Greek legends are often reimagined to fit new audiences. From the Amazons in Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman,” to the retelling of “Lysistrata” in Spike Lee’s “Chiraq,” artists turn to these legends to create contemporary work. Naomi Iizuka’s play “Anon(ymous)” is one of these reimaginations brought to Lewis & Clark College for the

Fir Acres water damage inconveniences many


By Mackenzie Herring A significant portion of Lewis & Clark’s Fir Acres Theatre, spanning two levels, has had to be cleared due to concentrated water damage. The area in question covers a corner of the prop storage loft and on the bottom level, the mechanical room, which the Theatre department has no access to. Associate Vice

Family, honor and justice collide in LC mainstage Antigonick, modern adaptation of Sophocles tragedy


“What is a nick?” Antigone. Perhaps you read it in a high school English class. Maybe you read it for E&D during your first year. Many are familiar with the tale of the defiant sister, who breaks her future father-in-law’s edict in a show of true piety and love for her brother. The play’s themes

Dance Extravaganza to be held in Fir Acres


By SYDNEY OWADA With the conclusion of “The King Stag,” Fir Acres Theater readies itself for leaps and turns as Dance Extravaganza (Dance X) exercises full reign over the marley on the main stage. Choreographers and dancers alike have been working for hours each week to perfect their pieces, each of the five dances running