Preview of Headbasket Movie Premiere

By Sandy Mahar /// Staff Writer

This friday, April 24th at 9PM, Miller 105 will hold the exciting, one time only premiere of an original film. It is a tale of seduction and destruction that will stick with you for the rest of your short lives. Featuring a cast of 28 young and upcoming talented actors (who you’ll want to see now before they rise to careers of fame and glory), the film tells a tale of excessive success and vanity ultimately leading to shameful death. I am not of the sort to reveal plot details or even to provide a single coherent idea of what a film is about–my intent is to confuse and intrigue the masses to the utmost extent. I will, however, reveal that the star of this feature film is an inanimate object: the only of its kind. The 73rd person to enter the theater wins 2lb. of mixed nuts. Written, directed, edited, and starred in by students of the Lewis & Clark academic institution, event is a guaranteed good time for all who attend. Come one, come some, come 100 maximum of you (for fire safety reasons).

With love,

Sandy Mahar,


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