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Reaching the ultimate level

Bacchus Ultimate Frisbee goes national

By Peter Melling /// Sports Editor

The flying discs are taking off! The Bacchus Ultimate Frisbee club has exceeded expectations this year, going undefeated in sectionals and earning a berth in the Division III ultimate frisbee tournament. How have they built up their program, and how will the club continue to grow over the next few years?

Over the past few years, Bacchus Ultimate has focused on becoming a consistent contender. As of April 24, USA Ultimate has ranked Bacchus Ultimate at #5 nationally. Club member Jeremiah Miller (’16) said, “I’ve played with Bacchus for three years now and it has always been a fun and inclusive community here at LC.  I feel that in that time though our leadership both our great coaches (Kyle Barton and Sean Parker) and past captains (Kyle Barton ’14 and Harrison Chase ’14) and current captains (Ben Whitenack (’16) and Will Shaw (’15)) have encouraged us and supported us in developing a consistent and competitive team. They all have truly helped us recognize our potential and given us the tools to achieve impressive results. We like to have fun together sure, but we know how great we can be if we work hard and commit the time and energy.”

Not only is Bacchus Ultimate receiving recognition throughout the United States, they are also drawing international attention. Lucas Contino (’16) is on his way to play for Italy’s national ultimate frisbee team. On Contino’s successes, Miller said, “Lucas is a great player and I think his success is partly due to the supportive community we have in Bacchus. We encourage and support each other on and off the field and we work hard for each other so that every member knows they have the means to succeed.”

With their latest season, the Bacchus Ultimate Frisbee club has continued to grow in ability, and as a  community of student-athletes. Miller said, “Bacchus has a competitive record and I hope that continues. We like to say ‘always building’  and I believe that attitude is what enables us to pass on the leadership skills and love the community it takes to build a successful and competitive program. Bacchus is a fantastic community and one of the best groups on campus in my opinion. It’s energetic, engaging, and brings the best out of its members on and off the field!”

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