Art exhibit at Watzek bares border tragedies

A toe tag with a desert and cactus background reads "Hostile Terrain."

In addition to providing this year’s keynote speech, anthropologist Jason de Leon’s participatory art project “Hostile Terrain 94” will be making an appearance at the 17th annual Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies. This exhibition is one of 94 installations around the globe, each composed of “3,200 handwritten toe tags that represent the

Not Just for Bookworms, Watzek Provides Academic Support to All


It is no secret we pay a lot of money to attend this school. It is also no secret we have an abundance of resources on campus, some that are lesser-known and underused. You are already here, so get the most out of your dollar and utilize all your assets. Watzek alone offers countless academic

Bookcase display engages public with artwork


By Audrey Barrett Every year, the senior art majors design an exhibition so that the community can engage with their artwork. In the spring, they do a more formal show at Hoffman Gallery. Right now, there is a bookcase right by the entrance of Watzek that features work from each student. It started off in

ASLC and Watzek host midterm election viewing party for students


By Charlotte Powers The Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) in collaboration with Watzek Library hosted a midterm election party on Tuesday, Nov. 6. The watch party aimed to provide students with a space to engage in politics, while other students reflected on how the elections went after the event. Erin Guldbrandsen, a temporary

PoemBot now publishing LC students’ poetry


By Madeline Cox This Month, PoemBot has returned to the Watzek Library. PoemBot prints a poem selected by the library staff for every day of April. The poem is printed on receipt tape, which allows for each visitor to read the poem of the day and keep it as well. According to Digital Services Coordinator

Love letter to the library lauds close community, environment


By Sherlock Ortiz “It’s where souls go to die,” said a friend to me recently regarding Watzek Library. As a proud resident of the quiet section, I was outraged. I love Watzek to death, and was ready to defend its honor. I immediately shanghaied my friend into coming to Watzek and experiencing the immense feelings

The Mystery of the Watzek Chess Game


By Kendall Arlasky The Watzek Library is home to many treasures. The ornate native wall etchings,  the enchanting examples of student art and that strange wooden couch that no one seems to sit on. Despite all of these rather obvious gems, I’ve found that it’s the hidden things that make Watzek such a lovely place

Katherine Dunn, author of “Geek Love” exhibit on display in Watzek, includes fan response to novel


The new exhibit in Watzek Library on the award-winning author Katherine Dunn is anything but ordinary, which is probably how Dunn would have wanted it to be. Dunn’s career-starting novel Geek Love, published in 1989, is centered around Portland and more specifically a nostalgia for an older, grittier Portland that continues to disappear as the

Exploring Chopin in Watzek’s vinyl collection


HAVE YOU ever really explored the library? Probably not extensively, but I know there are some who, caffeinated and depraved, can be seen wandering the deeper extremities of the library on a lap between vicious waves of homework; perhaps they share a sympathetic glance with a passerby, recognizable as one of the other poor souls

Clarifications on the Watzek library renovations


Dear Pioneer Log Editors, Thank you for the November 13th story on the Watzek Library renovation planning efforts. This is an exciting project that offers the opportunity to make library and IT services more accessible and enhance Watzek as a place for study, research and creative activities. As the Director of Watzek Library, I’d like

Remodel of library comes with pros and cons

Molly Keifer

By MEGHAN ZEA WITH A TEN YEAR renovation plan currently in the works, Watzek Library is conducting architectural planning for space changes that has raised concerns among members of the Lewis & Clark community. According to Mark Dahl, the Director of Watzek Library, the process of renovating the library has been a topic of discussion