A photo from inside the special collections room inside Watzek. Photo by Ary Hashim.

Not Just for Bookworms, Watzek Provides Academic Support to All

It is no secret we pay a lot of money to attend this school. It is also no secret we have an abundance of resources on campus, some that are lesser-known and underused. You are already here, so get the most out of your dollar and utilize all your assets.

Watzek alone offers countless academic resources. With essays piling up, it is easy to forget the fact that there are resources that can make our lives so much easier, including the library staff. Seriously, skip the endless search through Google Scholar and talk to a research librarian. You will save a lot of time and stress by talking to someone well-educated in your subject of interest.

If you need assistance with any other writing pieces, consider scheduling an appointment with the Writing Center. They offer help in any stage of writing, from the brainstorming to fine-tuning grammar.  

Watzek also helps facilitate the exhibition of art created by students, staff, and faculty. The Watzek Library Art Committee, made up of three Watzek staff members, reviews applications submitted in order to display artwork as an installation. The committee was formed to ensure the artwork is safely installed and abides by library rules. This is a great opportunity, especially for art majors trying to gain good exposure.

While we are still in Watzek, the IT Visual Resource Lab is pretty much a college kid’s playground. Personally, it is my favorite thing about the library because there is so much in there. Aside from getting your passport photo taken, the Visual Resource Lab offers 3D printing and access to editing suites. You can use IT to access programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Final Cut Pro — you know, the good stuff that costs the big bucks. Adobe Illustrator and the Resource Lab’s Wacom drawing tablet work together beautifully whether you are well-versed in digital illustration or not. You can use all of these devices and programs for free during a reserved time slot.

Additionally, through work orders, you can get large posters and high quality prints on a variety of papers, including sticker paper. Stickers of your design could be on your friends’ computers and Hydroflasks in no time. The best thing is that you pay with your print balance. If you find yourself with extra pages in your balance at the end of the year, you can turn that into a pretty sweet poster instead of letting it go to waste.

Get yourself to Watzek! I know I have taken Watzek for granted. There are resources and  experts readily available to make your life so much easier. You are already paying for it, you should be using it.

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