the Bon

Le Bon is Portland’s hottest new fine dining experience


*The Backdoor is a “work” of “fiction” and “satire” By Elise Glaser Palatine Hill’s new fusion restaurant, Le Bon, has Portland foodies flocking to “The Hill” in Southwest Portland. Amidst towering Douglas firs, restaurant goers can enjoy their meal in a more rural setting. Pulling into the restaurant, the initial smell of curry was overwhelming.

Better be Betty: the Bon’s leading lady revealed


Thought you knew Betty? Get to know the one friendly face sitting between you and your food By LESLIE MUIR IF YOU’VE EVER visited Fields Dining Hall, chances are you’ve been swiped in by Betty Patten, the sweater-clad greeter who is well-known and respected amongst students. From her chair at the front of the Bon,

Home Sweet Bon: Get to Know Ted


By Miranda Shakes /// Staff Writer To launch Home Sweet Bon, I thought I’d interview the Bon’s most famous face. Meet Ted “Yogi” Jordan, Bon Appetit employee extraordinaire. As of May, Yogi will have worked here for 36 years. He sings “Happy Birthday” to Oregon annually on Feb. 14, and used to play the cymbals