Home Sweet Bon: Get to Know Ted

By Miranda Shakes /// Staff Writer

To launch Home Sweet Bon, I thought I’d interview the Bon’s most famous face.

Meet Ted “Yogi” Jordan, Bon Appetit employee extraordinaire. As of May, Yogi will have worked here for 36 years. He sings “Happy Birthday” to Oregon annually on Feb. 14, and used to play the cymbals for Lewis & Clark’s pep band. He goes to as many concerts at school as he can and is an avid fan of the a capella groups on campus.

So, what’s with the balloons? Yogi has been giving them out in the Fields Dining Room for five years now and is “surprised that students are so interested in Mickey.” He says most freshmen come not having played with a balloon in years, and he’s happy to remind them how enjoyable it can be. He shared that the only student who didn’t like the balloons was an Environmental Studies major who said they were bad for the environment.

Yogi was born in Chicago but has lived in various cities up and down the West Coast including Seattle, Pescadero and San Diego, which was his favorite.

He’s been involved with music his entire life. His parents sang in the church choir. Before graduating in the Roosevelt High School class of 1959, Yogi played in an accordion band, sang and acted. He believes the most important thing a parent can do is get their child an instrument.

What’s next for him? Playing the organ in Flanagan Chapel is on his bucket list. As for places: he’d love to travel to London or Australia.

Yogi 2
Photos Courtesy of Sterling Stoll

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