Party polarization prevails in midterm


By Cassidy Harris After holding their breath for the past few months, Oregon Democrats let out a sigh of relief on Election Day. Kate Brown, the Democratic incumbent, won the governorship over Republican challenger Knute Buehler by a margin of about 5 percent. Polls from the time of the primary elections suggested the gubernatorial race

Malheur verdict not severe enough


Earlier this year, brothers Ammond and Ryan Bundy  were two of many militants who seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon. They had occupied the land from Jan. 2 to Feb. 11 when officers made a final arrest. The group claimed their armed takeover of the land was to protest the federal

Stirring the pot: Marijuana legalization in Oregon and its surprising tax revenue


Tax revenue of marijuana exceeds expectations, but debatably translates to funding public schools The legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon has been a particularly interesting saga to follow.  Measure 91 passed in 2014, formally legalizing the usage of recreational marijuana and outlining standards for recreational cannabis cultivation for Oregonians over the age of 21.  Additionally,

New minimum wage law to give student workers a boost


By Natalie Rich /// Staff Writer The future of the minimum wage law has come to Oregon. On March 2nd, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a bill that raises the minimum wage from a flat $9.25 across the state to a tiered system of $14.75 in urban boundaries, $13.75 in more suburban or middle counties

Campo drafts new partnership with OLCC


By John Rogers /// Staff Writer Later this year, Lewis & Clark College plans to put their agreement and proposed relationship with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission on paper. For the past decade, the College has maintained a signed partnership between Campus Safety staff, the Portland Police Bureau, the Multnomah County Neighborhood District Attorney and the