campus politics

Sexual misconduct policy changes


Very rarely is there a time when students, who are inundated with so much other work, can keep up with the administrative actions of Lewis & Clark College. So, I’m unsurprised a change to the school’s Sexual Misconduct Policy went unnoticed by the student body. But the policy changes the administration makes, however seemingly abstract,

Bridges close for year, students aggravated


By Nick Sabatini In previous years, students living on Lewis & Clark campus could access the academic buildings by crossing the bridges that span the ravine. However, this year, LC students must circumvent the ravine by passing under Templeton. Both bridges have been barricaded this year because the support structures were deteriorating. “The bridges are closed

Bon Appetit and Lewis & Clark have altered the menus and hours of meal service, hurting students’ ability to rely on meal plans.


As most returning students are now aware, Bon Appetit Catering and Lewis & Clark College have changed the menus and meal service hours for the 2017-18 year. Notably, the Fields Dining Hall (the Bon) hours have been extended, Maggie’s now serves “global bowls,” and the Trail Room is closed for dinner. For first-years who have

This Issue’s College Issues: Online Access Codes and the Rising Cost of College


Why are you here at Lewis & Clark College? Did you enroll for the picturesque setting, the liberal campus atmosphere, or the close proximity to downtown Portland? Perhaps it was the Pio shuttle powered on potato chip oil or the highly successful football program. Whatever the reason, you enrolled in our wonderful institution and were

ASLC introduces changes to internal structure


The Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) worked hard over the summer, and are back this fall with fresh ambitions, a new senate staff and a brand new position on the ASLC Cabinet. ASLC Vice President Zach Johnson ’19  described the dynamic of the cabinet as“one of evolution.” “Collectively, Cabinet is working to rebrand

ASLC Senate Debate 2017


Seventeen candidates, most of them freshmen, are currently vying for ten open Senate seats in the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC). A debate, moderated by Pioneer Log Editor-in-Chief Peter Kranitz ’18 and Managing Editor Althea Billings ’19, was held on Sept. 18 between fourteen of those candidates. Allison Behrens ’21, Feona Rehfuss ’19