ASLC introduces changes to internal structure

The Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) worked hard over the summer, and are back this fall with fresh ambitions, a new senate staff and a brand new position on the ASLC Cabinet.

ASLC Vice President Zach Johnson ’19  described the dynamic of the cabinet as“one of evolution.”

“Collectively, Cabinet is working to rebrand and revitalize ASLC, allowing for greater accessibility and representation for the student body,” Johnson said.

ASLC President Marissa Valdez ’18 defined the leadership team as very involved and passionate, and spoke about their primary goal to engage and enable LC students.

“We want to empower students and help them realize the [influence] they have as individuals,” Valdez said. “Our slogan for this being ‘know your rights, know your powers, make your change.’”

ASLC also aims to strengthen the current policy arm of the organization. Currently, ASLC has members on various boards and committees whose influence ranges from campus safety to dining options. According to Valdez, their goal for the new year is to spread awareness and take advantage of this opportunity in order to have the most passionate members of the student body on these committees.

Instead of the previous four representatives per class, the Senate will now consist of 10 total members. According to Valdez, this change was made in an effort to recruit the most enthusiastic individuals regardless of graduation year, making for a more devoted senate. After the election, the faculty advisor to ASLC, Harold McNaron, urged students to remain active.

“Maintain communication with those senators who are elected, ensuring they work toward the kinds of change you want to see on campus,” McNaron said.

Along with this major structural change, ASLC has a new Cabinet position. This year, the cabinet is introducing the position of the Diversity Committee Chair (DCC).

The DCC’s responsibilities will include chairing a committee to discuss hate and bias incidents on campus. This new position will be held, and, in a larger sense, defined by Nicolette Sauramba ’19. Sauramba will have authority in determining the actions that this new position will enable and the extent to which it will affect the LC community.

ASLC strongly encourages students to use the organization as an avenue for change. The Cabinet members rally behind a common goal of getting students to initiate the actions they wish to see in the LC community. Vice President Johnson asked that students utilize ASLC’s resources.

“The Cabinet is working tirelessly to rework ASLC into an efficient, collaborative body,” Johnson said. “I simply ask that students, new and returning, give this year’s Cabinet and Senate the chance to improve the college.”

Despite structural changes the goal and message of ASLC is clear and unwavering.

“You have a lot of power to change things at LC, if you want to make a change at Lewis & Clark, it is possible,” Valdez said.

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