Terwilliger tantalizes students with tasty, thrifty treats

Fork and knife
By Rose Bialk

Local restaurants deliver diverse, delectable dining experiences within walkable distance from campus

As any Lewis & Clark student will be happy to tell you, this campus has two major problems; the first is the lack of good dining options. Sure, we have the Bon, along with the Troom and the Market, although their options range from grab-and-go to frozen meals. There is also the Dovecote which does not serve much of anything that could constitute a full meal and closes early. So, the logical answer presents itself: get off campus for food. Unfortunately, that is where the second problem comes in.

Unless you have something with wheels and a motor, you are all but stuck. The hills, sidewalk-lacking roads and long distances make getting down even just to Sellwood an arduous task. This is compounded by the fact that the Pio does not go there on weekdays. So, if you want a decent meal and do not have the means to get off campus, what should you do?

Lucky for you, Terwilliger Boulevard is only thirty minutes away by foot, and it has quite an assortment of food to choose from. Craving pub fare? Try the Tryon Creek Sports Bar. Sushi? Go to Tokyroll. Mediterranean? Moonlight Grill has you covered. But a thirty-minute walk without any clue of what is waiting on your destination’s menu can be daunting, and that is where The Mossy Log has you covered.

Starting with the Tryon Creek Sports Bar, you might want to reconsider if you are under 21. Not because their alcohol is the only thing worth trying — just because you can not legally enter unless you are a major (as opposed to a minor, obviously). Those of age can expect classic American comfort food like burgers and onion rings, as well as enjoy partaking in pool or darts.

Next is a personal favorite: Tokyroll. Located right at the intersection of Taylor’s Ferry and Terwilliger, this small establishment offers quite a few options when it comes to sushi, almost all of which are both bigger and cheaper than expected. While it has vegan-friendly options, my preferred order, the Dark Horse roll, one of their most expensive rolls at a reasonable $14.50. It contains quite a bit of meat, including multiple whole tempura-fried shrimp garnishing the top of the rolls. The service is relatively quick for sushi, the servers are friendly and the food is always top-notch.

Next, we have the Moonlight Grill. Located slightly farther along Terwilliger, this restaurant offers everything you would hope for at a Mediterranean restaurant, including gyros, shish-kebabs, as well as some unorthodox options like Philly cheesesteaks and strawberry smoothies. It has charming decor, sit-down booths, and surprisingly cheap prices for the quality of food it offers. The first time I went here, I ordered a gyro meat wrap and a strawberry smoothie. They both looked small on the menu — like they were not filled up all the way, or like the portions might actually fit the price. 

The smoothie was brought out first in a full-sized glass filled almost to the brim with perfectly blended ice and fruit juice. Needless to say, it was quite the happy surprise. I finished almost half before giving myself brain freeze and vowing to leave it until my food arrived. When my wrap finally came, I was astonished. The thing, which had looked to have been around the size of the glass I was drinking from when I saw it on the menu, was about double what had been advertised when not counting the gyro meat and yogurt sauce piled beyond what the pita could hold. Eating the wrap, which only cost $12.00, was a messy but thoroughly delicious experience. 

In short, if you want good food, need a walk or are just plain sick of the Bon, there is no place to be like Terwilliger.

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