Embracing whimsical fun of pranking key to April Fools’

April Fools’ Day is a long standing tradition in many parts of the world. While historians are unsure of how the annual celebration came about, one cannot deny the acceptance and continuation of such a tradition. 

Have you ever wished for a day entirely made for tomfoolery? One day out of the year when it is appropriate to gaslight your friends and “stick to the bit” longer than usual (with a semblance of rationale and ethics to bolster the sadistic underpinnings of said tomfoolery, of course?) I was surprised that most people these days do not participate in pranking.

According to a Statista Research Department 2015 survey, only 20% of adults said they were prepared to prank another on April Fool’s Day. What we really need at this moment is to bring back the shenanigans and the rel pranks of the past. 

Essentially, this holiday is an excuse to gaslight your friends. As with all fun, it is important to April Fools’ responsibly. No one wants to see their friend traumatized by an epic prank gone too far or regret having replaced their friend’s shampoo with Nair. However, while being conscientious of the harm that their pranks can cause to others is imperative, this does not mean there is no room for some lighthearted fun. Take The Mossy Log’s April Fools’ Issue The Seaman Scoop as a perfect example!

For those seeking to up their participation in the international holiday, here are some relatively lighthearted options that show some better spirit: 

Consider a good old fashioned embellished story. No need to get too wild on this one. Personal favorites include referring to oneself as the relative of a celebrity or “revealing” a hidden backstory. Be sure to include some tall tales to really sink it. 

Another option is to replace your friends’ items with something else or hide them altogether. Just imagine the look on their face when they think they lost their new Stanley Cup.

Try resetting your roommate’s alarm clock. This one is sure to deliver a quick fright when they believe they have overslept their class by two hours, or when they wake at 4 a.m. thinking it is time to get up. 

Honorable mentions include fake bugs, fake dog poop, knee-slappers and replacing chocolate chip cookies with raisins… The bitter disappointment. Short-sheeting beds and ding-dong ditches are more lost arts.

Most importantly, be sure to shout “April Fools’,” so that the prankee is not left bewildered for too long. This might also help restore some trust that will surely be lost in the case of larger pranks. 

For those who engaged in the holiday, expect some retaliation and keep up your guard. Remember, it is always more fun to be on the pranking side of things, so be prepared to take what you dish out. You have got it coming, and rightfully so. This year, I hope you had a harmless, yet silly, April Fools’ day and will keep these tips in mind when next year’s holiday rolls around.

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