Washing clothes brings out the worst in residents

By Rose Bialk

The sweet scent of detergent and fabric softener mixed with a hint of desperation: Welcome to the thrilling world of laundry at Lewis & Clark, where socks mysteriously vanish, and the room becomes more of a battleground than a place of cleanliness.

Picture this: You have just finished a devastating week of midterms and all you want is to drown your sorrows in a pile of freshly laundered clothes. Little do you know the laundry room resembles a scene from a horror movie, complete with suspenseful music in the background (provided by that person blasting their playlist from the corner).

First off, let us address the number of machines. There are exactly two washers and two dryers present in Akin Residence Hall. It is like playing a high-stakes game of laundry roulette, hoping against hope that you will secure a coveted spot in the washing machine lineup. Checking the CSC Pay Mobile app every 15 minutes becomes a less than pleasurable routine, only to return to daily life laden with disappointment and a laundry pile waiting for its turn.

Efficiency is a word that seems to be lost in translation when it comes to the laundry process. If you are lucky enough to snag a machine, you had better be prepared to defend your territory. The unspoken rule is that if you leave your clothes unattended for more than two minutes, they become fair game for the laundry vultures lurking nearby. You never know if your clothes are going to be safe in the washer or thrown off to the side with brutality.

The CSC app, a marvel of modern technology designed to make our lives easier, has become the bane of our existence. In the good old days, LC students did not have to pay a cent to get their clothes cleaned. Now, thanks to the app, we find ourselves fumbling with our phones, desperately trying to load funds onto our laundry accounts. Even though we do get some already loaded money in the account, there have been several incidents where individuals had to put in their own money because of the malfunction of the app. 

If these woes were not enough, the popular stories of dryers developing a knack for shrinking clothes has made this laundry experience worse. Forget about that favorite sweater you have had since high school—it is now a trendy crop top, courtesy of the LC dryers.

In a nutshell, the laundry situation at LC is a tragicomedy of epic proportions. It is a rollercoaster of emotions, from the thrill of finding an available washer to the heartbreak of discovering your favorite shirt has been sacrificed to the dryer gods. The laundry room has become the great equalizer, where students from all walks of life come together to endure the trials and tribulations of getting their clothes clean. May the laundry odds be ever in your favor, dear student, as you embark on this perilous journey through the dirt-stained halls of academic cleanliness.

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