Extracurricular, academic balance key aspect of college life

By Rose Bialk

Greetings and welcome to the grand circus of higher education! If you’re anything like me, a starry-eyed college freshman who adores extracurricular activities but also respects the academic grind, you are in for a whirlwind of choices and occasional sleep deprivation. We are about to embark on an epic journey—a quest to answer life’s most pressing questions: Should you choose the 8 a.m. international affairs class or that tempting club session you signed up for? Should you prioritize essays over late night Netflix binges? And most importantly, after four years, what will make those stern-faced employers raise an eyebrow and say, “You are hired”? 

We often explore this epic battle of academics vs. extracurriculars, trying to figure out what pleases the job market’s discerning eye. It is like standing at the crossroads of your college journey with a map of classes in one hand and a brochure of extracurriculars in the other. 

Now, there are two options in front of you: “Academics Avenue,” and the other “Extracurricular Express.” Which one leads to the pot of gold? The truth that I believe in is that they both do, but the journey can be a tad complex.

Picture academics as the broccoli on your plate. You know you should eat it, but too much can make you gag. So, being smart about it is important. Choosing your classes is exactly like ordering from a fancy menu. Go for the juicy, intriguing ones, not just the safe and bland options. When you’re genuinely interested in a subject, it is like savoring a succulent steak, rather than chewing through cardboard. The secret sauce here is passion. If you are excited about your classes, you will find the motivation to tackle them head-on, even if they’re as daunting as climbing Mount Everest in a snowstorm. Plus, nailing your coursework does not just impress your professors, it feeds your own sense of accomplishment. 

Now, let’s talk extracurriculars—the chocolate mousse on your academic meal. You know you want it, but too much can give you a sugar rush, followed by a crash. These activities are your chance to explore, play and grow, whether you are into sports, debate, art or something entirely obscure. 

Having a sweet tooth, these sweet activities have been my best buddies during my middle school, high school and now college experience. They do not just help to balance the salty taste of my main course, academics, but also complete the dining experience as a whole. 

Fast forward a few years and you are standing at the doorstep of the working world, nervously clutching your diploma and your extensive list of extracurricular exploits. So, what do those employers really want? I like to imagine myself as the boss, scanning resumes with the scrutiny of a wine connoisseur. 

Sure, a high GPA may be an initial attention-grabber. It is like the resume’s flashy header in a sophisticated font that says, “Look at me!” 

But I believe just like our college admissions officers, employers also want more than a number on a transcript. 

Your extracurriculars are those zesty toppings on the resume pizza; They give it flavor, character and a dash of personality. Were you a part of the debate team, showcasing your brilliant argumentation skills? Were you a sports captain, proving you can be a team player? Did you organize charity events, displaying your leadership and organizational prowess? 

Employers are often looking for these hints of excellence that go beyond our GPA. In their eyes, it’s not a war between academics and extracurriculars, but a beautiful waltz. Your GPA gets you through the door and your extracurriculars bring you to the center stage. 

So how do you execute this elegant tango between academics and extracurriculars without tripping over your own feet? It is a delicate dance, my friends, but certainly not impossible. 

You see, college is a bit like being on a food show, and you are the contestant. You need to balance your soufflé of academics with the sizzle of extracurriculars. 

But remember, overloading your plate is not going to win you any culinary awards. Start by choosing your extracurriculars wisely. 

You don’t need to join every club on campus; that is like ordering every item on the menu and regretting it when the bill arrives. My strategy is to start with a couple, and if I am able to handle it, add more.  

Time management is your trusty sidekick in this endeavor. Get yourself a fancy planner or use Google Calendar for free. Learn to say “no” when your schedule is bursting at the seams and embrace the power of to-do lists. 

Speaking of support, I believe reaching out to your professors and academic advisors is not an uncool option. They are like your mentors in this grand cooking show of life. They can give you recipes for success (study tips) and help you select the right ingredients (courses) for your academic journey. 

Last but not least, do not forget about self-care. It is your secret ingredient. Enjoy that Netflix binge watching session or those late-night chats with friends. Think of it as good old junk food to reward yourself for the culinary masterpiece you are creating in college.

So, in the grand circus of college life, where academics and extracurriculars perform a high-wire act, remember that you are the star of the show. Prioritize academics, but do not forget to savor those delicious extracurriculars. Impress future employers with your GPA and your rainbow of experiences. 

Balance is the magic trick here. College should not just be about choosing sides; it should be about creating a delicious blend of learning, passion and personal growth. It is a journey filled with laughter, challenges and of course a good dose of binge watching. 

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