Cool campus crossword challenge: Basic Facts!

By Emma Ford

Can you solve our quirky campus queries? Good luck!

Check your answers on the Mossy Log website, If they are funny enough, you might even get a prize 😉


3. Many students complain that LC is too ___

5. Fowler’s deadname

7. The real name of our iconic Newfie mascot

8. An eating spot killed by the all powerful administration

9. A spot hidden in the forest where students do drugs and make out


1. Describes the typical political ideology of the students here (ultraliberal)

2. The Bon special

4. Our “library” where students make out instead of studying

6. Our favorite snack food motivator

10. Where disappointing campus food is served.


Across: 3. white; 5. Templeton; 7. Seaman; 8. Maggies; 9. Gazebo

Down: 1. woke; 2. chicken; 4. Watzek; 6. marijuana; 10. Bon

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