Backdoor Puzzle, studying abroad edition: Are you ready for traveling?

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The study abroad program at Lewis & Clark is a well-regarded and prestigious institution, with hundreds of students enthusiastically traveling somewhere, anywhere in the world that is not LC during their four years. 

If you have been abroad, are planning to go abroad next year or simply want to flex general knowledge about the school, give our wholly comprehensive and very official Word Search a whirl! If you think we got something wrong, please feel free to let us know, and we in our supreme expertise will feel free to ignore you. 

The Backdoor is proud to present our recurring puzzle feature with contributer-made original crosswords, wordsearches and more. Any mistakes are definitely their fault, and we as editors claim no responsibility. Any opinions expressed are also those of our contributors, unless we happen to agree  with them, in which case they were our ideas the whole time.

You can check your answers on the Mossy Log website, Yes, we are still working on changing it. No, we do not know when it will change.Yes, we know it is confusing. Seriously, stop DMing us on Instagram with questions. We have them too. 


  1. Legal drinking age in Europe (8 letters)
  2. Do not get Koala pee on you or you will get (9 letters)
  3. Currency in Europe (sans Britain, Denmark, Poland, Romania…) (4 letters)
  4. If you want to travel between countries or get home at the end of your trip, you definitely should not lose your (8 letters)
  5. Be prepared to ___ over toilets in many Asian countries (5 letters)
  6. Most expensive country to visit in Europe overall, not adjusted for personal partying budgets (11 letters)
  7. ___ culture does not really exist in other countries at restaurants and bars, so save your money and swallow that guilt (3 letters)
  8. How many languages are spoken in South America, including dialects and regional variations on the overwhelming majority language (8 letters)
  9. Best way to travel Europe as a college student (11 letters)
  10.  Avoid drinking ___ as much as you can – wine, beer and spirits are all considered safer options (8 letters)
  11. ____ has the most native speakers in the world, but only one trip to the area that speaks it (8 letters)
  12. Watch out for light-fingered ___ (11 letters) and clever tourist-targeting ___ (8 letters)
  13. Good luck getting on the ___ program to hang out with the Hobbits (10 letters)
  14. Hot people are going on ___ semester programs (6 letters)


  1. Eighteen 
  2. Chlamydia
  3. Euro
  4. Passport
  5. Squat
  6. Switzerland
  7. Tip
  8. Hundreds
  9. Backpacking
  10. Tapwater
  11. Mandarin
  12. Pickpockets, Scammers
  13. New Zealand
  14. Spring

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