LC honors president emeritus

A photo of Wim Wiewel.
Courtesy of Lewis & Clark

During the Lewis & Clark Board of Trustees (BoT) meeting in early May, the board appointed former LC President Wim Wiewel to president emeritus. On July 1, in Resolution NO. 28 (2021-2022), this position went into effect. An endowed scholarship was also created in his name.

Wiewel was appointed the president of LC in 2017 and retired in 2022 after 43 years working in higher education. In the resolution, the BoT recognized Wiewel’s five years of service and called him “a true talent for inspirational and transformational leadership.” 

In the resolution that was adopted by the BoT, the board thanked Wiewel for his commitment to the college. They emphasized that Wiewel’s direction over the past several years was crucial to overcome adversity. 

“A global pandemic forced us to rethink everything we do,” Resolution NO. 28 stated. “Wildfires and ice storms tested our resilience. But Wiewel – working closely with his leadership team – never faltered, and Lewis & Clark emerged even stronger than before. Few other colleges can make such a claim.” 

Wiewel is succeeded by President Robin Holmes-Sullivan, who will be inaugurated on Oct. 26, 2022. 

“I’m thrilled with Robin’s appointment as my successor,” Wiewel said. “When we hired her three years ago, we knew she was a star, and she has exceeded our expectations. Her vision of the importance of students’ sense of belonging will be key to Lewis & Clark’s success in the years to come.” 

Holmes-Sullivan is excited about the establishment of an endowed scholarship, especially since Wiewel is a first-generation college student. 

“Establishment of a scholarship that will help provide students the funds they need to attend Lewis & Clark is a particularly fitting tribute to President Emeritus Wim Wiewel,” President Robin Holmes-Suvillian said via email. “Wim was the first in his family to go to college – and was keenly aware of the difference that opportunity made in the trajectory of his life. The desire that other students would have that same opportunity is one of the reasons Wim worked so hard during his 5 years at LC to raise tens of millions of dollars for scholarships, as well as tens of millions more to renovate the student center, upgrade student housing and fund a holistic First-Year experience.”

In addition to the scholarship, the board also discussed LC’s environmental actions, approved the appointment of Assistant Professor with Term of Psychology Amelia Wilcox to faculty emeritus status and adopted a resolution of tribute to life trustee Mary Maletis.

“I look forward to the day when the fundraising is complete and the money becomes available to help make college possible for future students,” Holmes-Sullivan said. 

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