Orensky named director of communications

Photo courtesy of Seth Orensky

Lewis & Clark Athletics recently hired Seth Orensky as the new Director of Athletic Communications. Orensky has replaced Ryan Goff, who held the position for the past several years. As most of LC’s athletic teams begin to return to a new semblance of normalcy, Orensky has high hopes for the start of his career at LC.

After graduating from Boston University, Orensky applied his degree in broadcast journalism at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where he served as assistant director of athletic communications for the last ten years. Orensky had always hoped to run his own department, and the position at LC seemed to be the perfect opportunity to do so.

“My boss sent (the job opening) to me,” Orensky said. “I had been narrowly looking in the Pacific Northwest and Denver, so I threw my application in not knowing what would happen. It’s been a whirlwind, spring season here seems to be the busiest season … but it has been really exciting. Everyone has been kind and warm.”

Journalism has always been Orensky’s passion, particularly in the realm of sports. During his time in college he was particularly interested and active in the school’s radio and broadcasting teams.

“I have always had a passion for broadcasting and writing about sports,” Orensky said. “I worked for the student radio station, broadcasted a lot of basketball, soccer, hockey, (and) softball. I also wrote for our radio station website.”

With the official start of the Spring 2022 season, Orensky has found himself busy covering the multitude of LC sports teams competing all over the Pacific Northwest. While the new position has brought a lot of excitement, Orensky also has begun tackling issues he finds pertinent to the success of the athletic programs.

“The biggest thing I noticed that surprised me was the lack of social media during the pandemic,” Orensky said. “I think a lot of people have had to pare things down and not do as much, but the one thing I think that student-athletes are interested in the most is social media.”

While Orensky is just one man, he is determined to provide each team the coverage they deserve and get to know them on a personal level.

“Even though I am learning on the job … I am hopefully making these student-athletes feel like they are getting the full coverage, … and making it feel like they are getting some love from the sports information office,” Orensky said.

The new director intends to continue building on the school’s current athletics website, utilizing both video and photography in order to display each athletic team’s skill and potential. He also hopes to showcase athletes beyond their athletic abilities by highlighting some of the activities and jobs they partake in outside of sports alone.

“Every single team has some exciting things going on,” Orensky said. “There is a lot to honor and a lot to talk about. It seems like there are a lot of fantastic stories, and I do not know any of them yet, but I am really excited to sit down, talk to the coaches, talk to the student-athletes and do some interviews.”

Mark Pietrok, Head Athletic Director, is immensely excited about Orensky’s arrival, and foresees positive change on the horizon for LC athletics.

“I am very excited to welcome Seth to the Pioneer Family,” Pietrok said via email. “He will be an integral part of our department and will be instrumental in getting our message out to parents, alumni and friends of the department. He is a seasoned professional and Lewis & Clark is fortunate to have someone of his skill set providing the narrative about our student athletes and their accomplishments.”

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