Setter McGinn ’22 surpasses 1800 volleyball career assists

Photograph Courtesy of Michelle McGinn

Michelle Mcginn ’22, a setter for the volleyball team, has been fortunate enough to see her hard work pay off. On Oct. 29, McGinn surpassed 1800 assists during a match against the Linfield Wildcats. Not only is this alone a huge accomplishment, but it also places her fourth of all time for career assists in the Lewis & Clark record books. 

McGinn has been working toward this moment since she started playing volleyball when she was 8. Her introduction to volleyball came about through the sport’s schedule, which worked out for her family.

“Both of my parents worked a lot,” McGinn said. “We didn’t have any extended family that could take me to games on Saturdays. But volleyball happens to be the sport that had games on Sundays. So I would go and practice on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then we’d have games on Sunday.”

McGinn transitioned to competitive volleyball when she was 12 and began playing for club teams. It was during this transition that McGinn fell into the setter position that would later allow her to accumulate 1800 career assists. 

“Coach Mani, she was the coach at one of the high schools close to my house,” McGinn said. “At 11 years old, I was playing with the high school girls during their practices every day, so that really helped me see where I was.”

When McGinn’s club volleyball coach found out that she was left-handed, she  immediately moved her to the setter position. Left-handed players are especially good in this position because they have the opportunity to both set and hit the ball. McGinn has remained in that position since then.

Volleyball played a huge role in McGinn’s choice to attend LC. The college was not on McGinn’s radar until she was recruited to play volleyball. While Portland is a long way away from McGinn’s hometown of Kailua, Hawaii she is happy with her decision to attend LC.

“I wouldn’t have met my best friends. I had this amazing experience in Oregon. I’m happy where I’m at right now,” McGinn said. “I found a mentor, and my coach and so many friends through sports.”

Along with the relationships McGinn has formed through volleyball, she has also learned a lot of practical skills for the outside world. Volleyball has taught her  the value of hard work and determination, which she will be able to apply to all aspects of her life.

While McGinn is a volleyball player, one of her biggest inspirations is Michael Jordan. McGinn has a pair of Nike shoes with “always” and “forwards” on the lips, a motto she has derived from his career. 

“All the quotes that I always read about him, his stories, watching ‘The Last Dance’ and stuff like that; that’s how I sum (him) up.” McGinn said. “His whole mantra, the way he carried himself throughout his career, and even after his career, was that no matter what he was always moving forward, he was always getting better.”

While this is McGinn’s final season at LC, she hopes that her career in volleyball will not end here. McGinn hopes to eventually follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a volleyball coach.  

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