Quarantine inspires costumes for college students on a budget

A sanitizer and other COVID-related costumes wearing masks
Illustration by Emery Andersen

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Halloween is still on the calendar this year. But maybe this year, you want to skip out on dressing up as a sexy nurse or a cat. Though money and time are tight for us college students, do not be spooked. There is still time to decide on and create a unique costume. 

Maybe this Halloween, you are inspired by the Netflix shows you binge-watched during quarantine. The Netflix miniseries “Tiger King” was a hit during the start of the pandemic. Now is the time to pull out that animal print attire and your cowboy boots from your closet to manifest your inner Joe Exotic. To go that extra mile, top it off with a fake mustache and a mullet wig. Maybe make it a couples costume by recreating the atrocious wedding photos of flower crown-wearing Carole Baskins and her husband, Howard. 

Consider turning your pod mates into crewmates on an intergalactic spaceship. The characters from the addictive online game “Among Us” serve as a simple costume inspiration and work for pods of any size. The actual figures in the game are difficult to replicate. A sweatshirt or sweater and sweatpants of the same color is the best way to go. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help you recreate the characters’ helmets. I think the best part of customizing your own “Among Us” character is the hats — from a banana peel to a flamingo floaty to a plunger, there are a variety of options. 

As Election Day approaches, your spirit may feel more political this Halloween. During the vice presidential debate, Vice President Mike Pence had a two-minute surprise visit from a fly. Now is the time to spread your DIY mesh wings. You can complete the costume with some black gloves and shoes, pipe cleaner antennas and a black sweatshirt. Bonus points if you add a Biden-Harris sign. 

Throughout quarantine, certain trends went viral on Tik Tok. Peppa Pig, the main character from a British children’s TV show, became quite the star and meme on the app. She has received much clout, from makeup tutorials to impersonations of the pig. Peppa typically wears an orange dress, and a pig face mask could be added. This is the perfect costume if you are looking for something original and humorous but not too outrageous. 

This Halloween is going to look completely different than years past — no going out, massive partying or trick-or-treating. Whatever you dress up as this year, please do it safely and with a mask.

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