A message to students and faculty: you may not see me, but I am here for you

I am in an office that is not student-facing. Unless someone requests data for a class project (or you were in one of my PSI sections), I don’t interact with students much. Still, I want to let you all know that you are on my mind BIG TIME, even if I don’t know you personally. The confusion, anxiety and uncertainty are hard for everyone to manage right now, and as I think back to my college years, I really cannot fathom how I would have processed, let alone handled, a global crisis such as this. Of course, that was also in the days before the internet and when email was new. Heck, we still had to dial phones that were plugged into the wall and write letters (on actual paper) to stay in touch with friends! 

Anyway, I digress. Please know that you are cared about and thought about by everyone in the LC community. It has been heartening to read messages from faculty members speaking to your resilience and your commitment to your education. Kudos to you all. And, as important as it is to finish out the semester, please make sure you are taking care of yourselves (and each other).

Folks in the IR office are working remotely right now, but if you want or need to chat- send me a google invite or an email- I am happy to listen.

Renée Orlick

Director of Institutional Research and Planning

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