Students Looking to Reheat Leftovers Foiled by Dovecote Microwave Death

An image of a counter in the Dovecote post-Microwave debacle.

I noticed the disappearance of the Dovecote microwave approximately three weeks ago. It always took over two minutes to heat anything, it was constantly surrounded by a throng of hungry students holding tupperware containers full of leftovers, it held the promise of hot food at no cost and I loved it with my whole heart.

I held my cold rice and beans that fateful day, staring dolefully at where the microwave used to be. Witnesses say that someone put foil in the microwave, and when it started to spark, they slowly and confusedly walked to the counter to inform the staff rather than turning the damn thing off. By the time the microwave was turned off, the damage was done. It had melted irreparably and was tossed in the dumpster.

Many students are unaffected by this change, especially those on a meal plan and those who favor cold lunch.

“I didn’t notice, but it is a sad development indeed,” Zafar Ali ’20 said.

As a senior who lives off campus, is partial to hot food and relies on the Dovecote as my lunch and hangout spot, the death of the microwave limits the places where I can relax and eat between classes to Watzek and the Trailroom.

Virginia Swenson ’19 lives off campus and frequents the Dovecote.

“Sometimes I have to eat cold food now,” Swenson said. “I think it’s sort of lame that it’s gone, but there is another microwave in the library. I just kind of readjusted my expectations.”

Watzek has issues of its own. For one, students are technically not supposed to eat in the main area of the library, though this rule is not strictly enforced. Another problem is that the traffic to the Watzek microwave has increased considerably, which is compounded by the fact that it is even slower than the dead Dovecote microwave. The Trailroom, while a favorite spot for many LC students whether they dwell on campus or off, is too far for those who need to quickly zap their food and run to class.

Other students, like myself, are deeply affected by this sudden loss.

“It wounds me,” Sally Wang ’19 said. “I’m forced to buy ham sandwiches because they’re warm.”

“I have definitely been negatively impacted by its absence,” Kiaora Motson ’19 said. “Bring it back!”

While I easily could have purchased a lightly used microwave from Goodwill for less than $20 to solve this issue on my own, I wrote this article instead. I believe it to be the duty of Bon Appétit or the college to replace our fallen friend, as the masses should not be punished for the folly of one. I implore those in power to reinstate the Dovecote as a hub for hungry off-campus dwellers and hot leftover lovers.

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