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Illustration by Joanne Sally Mero

By Joanne Sally Mero

Summer is just around the corner and if you are like many other college students, you may be on the hunt for a summer job. Thankfully Lewis & Clark offers summer student employment for a wide variety of talents and interests.

McKenna Teigland ’18 spent her last two summers working as a Guest Services Agent (GSA). GSAs work as a team to manage LC’s summer guests that range anywhere from children’s camps to Alumni Weekend guests.

“Think of it this way: Lewis & Clark College becomes a hotel over the summer, and you have to run it,” Teigland said via email. “You will need to problem-solve, think on your feet and exhibit mental agility. Whether it’s handling keys, making beds, working the concierge desk, driving a golf cart, being on-call or a number of things in between, you do it all.”

Of course, all your hard work is rewarded not only with a paycheck and free housing, but also with resume and network builders. The GSA position is a great opportunity to showcase one’s strength in problem solving in high-pressure situations while gaining experience in the field of events.

“The connections and relationships that I was able to build during that time helped me get to be where I am now, working for the Conferences & Events Office during the academic year,” Teigland said via email.

Teigland said that summers in Portland are great for enjoying things students may overlook during the school year. There is more time to explore the city, attend local events or simply stay on campus and relax.

Amanda Giesler ’19 began her summer with the Paint Crew and finished with the Grounds Crew. Giesler was able to discover forgotten items both inside and outside of the dorms.

“We’d find interesting stuff people forgot in the rooms,” Giesler said. “I found a lot of little toy dinosaurs … Outside we found a beer in a bush but it was full. Just sort of wedged in the bush. There’s a lot of stuff on campus just hiding in the bushes.”

Aside from the interesting finds, Giesler mentioned other perks of having a summer job such as having the chance to be more independent and gaining familiarity with Portland. Another perk is the friendships and bonds you create with other members of the Paint or Grounds Crew.

Like Giesler, Erik Dohe ’18 chose to stay in Portland instead of heading home for the summer. Dohe also had the chance to work for both the Paint and Grounds Crew.

“The real advantage of this style of work is that no matter what kind of mood you’re in or what kind of person you are, you can have a good time working,” Dohe said via email. “There were days where I was able to hang out with my friends on the crew and talk while getting my work done, and on days where I wanted to be alone I could just listen to podcasts or music and focus.”

Dohe encourages anyone who is interested in working for the Grounds or Paint Crew to simply go for it. Those who love the outdoors would especially enjoy these summer jobs, but should be cautious.

“The one thing that I would warn potential summer workers … if you have allergies, be ready,” Dohe said. “I spent most of that summer sneezing!”

Those interested in applying for an on-campus summer job can go to the LC job portal online.

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