Hippie with an edge

By Mackenzie Bath

This look is laidback and reminiscent of the ’70s — with a twist. Some brighter hues, dyed hair and less jewelry bring this aesthetic into modern times. It’s a staple at Lewis & Clark, bringing together the relaxed vibe and the alternative edge. Here you see it sported by Tian-Ai Aldridge ’19.

Boho Floral Print Maxi Skirt (Amazon, $22): Aldridge’s bright, mustard-colored skirt flies in the breeze and has a slit made tasteful by the tights underneath. This gives you mobility and a chance to show off your legs. The beautiful pink flowers are a nice touch, matching Aldridge’s fading red hair. Pairing accent colors applies to jewelry in that silver jewelry should be matched with silver, gold with gold and so on. It’s a reflection of the age old fashion rule that a woman’s purse should match her shoes. That isn’t necessary anymore, but color coordination is still a key part of building your look.

Lace up Boots (Poshmark, $65): These stylish boots have a one inch heel that make Aldridge just a little taller. Regardless of your height, heels can be a good move. Start with small ones like these if you aren’t used to wearing them; no one wants to look like a newborn deer as they attempt to walk in shoes too tall for their experience. Heels add an element of strut to any walk, exuding confidence and grace. Add these to any outfit to feel a little bit better as you walk to class: just be wary of the cobblestones.

Polka Dot Tights (Amazon, $12): Peeking out from under that skirt are some patterned tights. Regular tights are great, but they’re more formal. For a more fun and flirty feel, pick up some tights with different patterns.

Black Crop Top (Amazon, $11.50): The only solid color in this look is the neutral crop top that can go with almost any outfit. Complete the look of high top skirts, shorts or pants with a crop top to avoid having to tuck in your shirt or lose the structure of your waist. You can also use this top to show off your stomach, just make sure you don’t get too cold.

Starfish Necklace (Ebay, $22): This chic necklace adds a whimsical feel to any outfit. It is reminiscent of childhood and playfulness. It is a new color in the outfit, but it matches the other necklace she is wearing. The black cords holding these pendants match the crop top and the tights, tying the color scheme together.

Blue Opal Teardrop Necklace (Etsy, $36): Complementing the starfish necklace is this shorter one that rests on Aldridge’s chest. Pairing two necklaces together can be tricky. They have to aesthetically work together, as if they were being sold together in a store. Think of it as a mini outfit. One necklace is the shirt, the other the pants. The colors and patterns have to match just as much as they would if they were the biggest part of a look. The lengths of the necklaces is also important. They should share rather than compete for attention. You can pair chokers, mid length and long necklaces with each other, but not two of the same kind.

This is an affordable look perfect for the fall. Most of these items can be found on Amazon. Remember that shopping can sometimes be done from the comfort of your own home. If you have Amazon Prime, which you should because there’s a free six months for students, then your items can be delivered to you in record time. It’s a simple way to get affordable, fashionable pieces to build your wardrobe.

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