Mila’s stylish mono outfit

Photo by Kaite Warden

By Mila Wolpert

Portland residents aren’t surprised to see a person wearing a monochromatic outfit: sporting all one color has become commonplace for stylish young people. However, how do you take your monochromatic outfit to the next level so that it can be eye-catching? This is not an easy task. My tricks will help you find uniquely tailored clothing and to play with accessories that complement your outfits.

I cannot stress enough how boring some monochromatic outfits have become. I’m sorry, but don’t think that putting on an all-black outfit is sufficient for my approval. I will not be impressed. Outfits take planning and effort on your part. Every morning, my first thought when I wake up is, “how will I put together my outfit today?” In order to wear a striking monochromatic outfit, you have to experiment with tailored clothing or unique shapes. A plain T-shirt and skinny jeans is not enough.

But do not fear, taking this advice does not mean you will have to spend more money; there are some great clothing stores that have affordable, sophisticated pieces. COS is hands down my favorite store. Even just browsing through the COS website will help you envision how to incorporate asymmetrical pieces into your wardrobe like creased trousers, button-up tops and sleek wool coats. The key is to find clothing that will add class and style to your monochromatic outfit.

Moving on to the next ground rule, playing with accessories can certainly set you apart as well. Depending on the color of your outfit, you can decide whether silver or gold is more complementary. Personally, I am a big fan of mixing metals, but I know this is an extremely polarizing trend. Let’s say you are wearing an all-beige outfit; you are going to want to wear gold jewelry to bring out the warm tones in your clothing. However, there are many colors where both silver and gold jewelry can complement an outfit well.

Since metal finishes can be a controversial subject, I would also focus on earrings or necklace shape. If you are wearing a low, round-neck top, try rocking dangle or hoop earrings; however, if you are wearing a turtleneck, opt for small but intricate earrings. The high neck will emphasize their beauty. In order to save money, try and see if your family members have old jewelry that they are not interested in anymore; you could possibly find some exquisite pieces.

Notice I didn’t bring up advice on an all-black outfit with white shoes. So cutting-edge! While this is a great look and I do it sometimes, it is expected, and, quite frankly, boring. My greatest piece of advice is to try to be unique. Do not just imitate people, try to shock them. You want to strive for a polished, yet comfortable look. Whatever you decide to put on, make it original.   

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