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Women’s Softball

Lewis & Clark’s Women’s Softball team struck a 3-0 win after a losing streak of eight games starting at the beginning of the season. It was an unexpected, but certainly welcome, win resulting in many firsts for the LC’s softball players and a sweeping victory. The winning game took place on Saturday, March 12, against the Puget Sound Loggers after it was postponed due to some bad weather earlier in the 2017 spring semester.

The softball players to make their first RBIs of the season included Lindsey Yearman ’18, along with Jenai Rojo ’18 and Emily Drevdahl ’20. “We were able to have successful at-bats all game long,” said Yearman. “Even if we didn’t get on base, we still hit at-bats and moved our runners, which gave us a lot of opportunities with runners in scoring position to get some runs on the board.” Meaning that the hits of the game contributed to LC’s 3-0 finish.

Kalin Rooney ’17 also played a major role in obtaining the Pio’s first win of the season, as the March 15 game was the first complete game she had played all season. Yearman added that “Kalin pitched amazingly and our defense made a lot of great plays.”By the fourth inning, Ateisha Norton ’19 was able to reach home base and score when Rojo batted, then doubled down to second base. This was an example of how the Pio’s scored their points through hits. Next reaching a base was Ariel Trinidad ’20, who hit a single right before Zoe Juarez ’20 was swapped at the bat for Yearman. Yearman ultimately gave the LC team a 2-0 lead after hitting a single.

The bases were loaded with Loggers at the first half of the fifth inning when Rooney made a season-high record of six strikeouts. This struck out Katelyn Webster of the Puget Sound Loggers, finally leaving the Loggers with 11 stranded runners, and finishing 3-0.

However, on the same game day, the LC Pios were not able to beat the Puget Sound Loggers twice. Although Savannah Dickson ’20 started as the first pitcher of the game, she was swapped for Kaili Akimseu ’20 after recording only two outs, although she let three runners go on four hits.

“Offensively we again put ourselves in a lot of good positions to score runs,” said Yearman. “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capitalize as much on those opportunities this time.”

The Pio who was able to bring in the run resulting in the finishing 3-1 score was Drevdahl, as the Pio’s were only able to make five hits from then on. Lisa Kumasaka ’20 took advantage of the hit to score the LC’s sole point. There certainly was a lack of hits in the game, but LC still managed to leave nine loggers stranded.

The Pios play their next game at home against the George Fox Bruins on March 25.

In the photo- Lindsey Yearman, Kaili Akimseu


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