Men’s basketball seniors look back on their years at Lewis and Clark

Photo Courtesy of LC Pioneers

With their defeat this past weekend against willamette, the Lewis and Clark men’s basketball team has been eliminated from playoff contention for the second year in a row. With this defeat, this year’s seniors look back on their LC basketball careers as they walk off the hardwood at Pamplin Sports Center for the last time.


What is your fondest memory from Lewis & Clark basketball?

Markel Leonard: I would say beating Wesley and Wooster this year was a great memory for me. Our team played some great basketball during that time. Myself and the team really enjoyed those two wins that week.

Alex Jones: Freshman year, beating Whitman and Whitworth at home in the last conference games of the year to make it to playoffs.

Cannen Roberson: Beating Whitman in the conference semifinals. It was super exciting and incredibly fun to be able to play In that type of environment.


If you could play with or against any NBA player current or past, who would it be and why?

Leonard: I would want to play against Allen Iverson because that was the person I looked up to my entire basketball career. I would want to play with Kyrie Irving so he could teach me all of his secrets and knowledge on how to be an effective guard.

Jones: I would definitely want to play against Coach Harper back in the day! They say you learn by playing against the best.

Roberson: Beating Whitman in the conference semifinals. It was super exciting and incredibly fun to be able to play In that type of environment.


What is one thing that you hope to leave behind?

Leonard: I hope that all the younger guys on the team remember me as being a good teammate and mentor to them. I had a great time watching all of them go thru their ups and downs and helping them out along the way.

Jones: I hope to leave behind a good example for guys behind me to follow, on and off the court.

Roberson: I hope I leave behind a hard worker, a good leader, and someone who had a lot of fun with many great teams.


What are your post-graduation plans?

Leonard: I’m thinking about going to play professional basketball overseas for some years. Then I’ll explore more opportunities within my major. I always wanted to work for like ESPN and be a media broadcaster.

Jones: Pharmacy School.

Roberson: Graduating with Computer Science/Math degree and hopefully finding a job and possibly grad school.


Who has been the most influential person, player or coach, who you met at LC?

Leonard: The most influential person that I met at LC was Derek Foster. He was my mentor and someone that I always asked for guidance throughout the years here at LC. He gave me life advice, basketball tips and was just an overall great person that I looked up to and want to be like one day.

Jones: Most influential person has definitely been Coach Schaumburg. He’s had a huge impact on where I’m at today.

Roberson: Coach Joe has been an incredible mentor and friend to me during my time at Lewis & Clark.


If you were to have a yearbook quote, what would it be?

Leonard: “Everything happens for a reason”

Jones: “Kill ‘em with kindness”

Roberson: “Fate loves the fearless!”


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