Meet Lulu Adams, soccer star and food-lover

Photos Courtesy of Lewis & Clark College

LULU ADAMS ’20 has been leading the Lewis and Clark women’s soccer team to a great fall season.

Originally from New York City and a Los Angeles transplant, Adams is one of the 13 first-year students to join the women’s soccer team this year.
A center forward and right midfielder, Adams leads the team offensively. She recently scored her first goal at a home game versus Whitworth College that the Pioneers won 2-1.

“It [the goal] was really great, it was kind of just a perfect click. It worked really well with the girl who gave me the assist, Rochelle Jordan ’17. She was dribbling it up the side and I was running in for the pass. The defender that was blocking me was right in front of the goalie basically and I didn’t have enough time to run in front of her and try and kick it in, so instead I checked back and there was space, and so Rochelle crossed it in, did a pass back, and I just passed it in the right corner,” Adams said.

Adams wanted to pick a school where she could balance her love for soccer with her desire to succeed academically.

“[Lewis & Clark] was supposed to be a really great Division III team. I thought Division I was a bit too crazy and I wouldn’t be able to focus on my major. I had heard about Lewis & Clark, and heard it was really liberal. Portland is great!”

The girls recently lost to Puget Sound, but Adams has maintained her positive outlook on the rest of the season.

“Right before our game on Thursday we were tied for third. The way that we’ve been fighting we’ve been playing a lot of good teams. I think that the girls once we get that kind of mindset where we’re just fighting for every 50-50, every ball, I think we could honestly beat or at least hold off basically any team. I would definitely say we would be in the top five. We’re doing really well now,” Adams said.

While Lulu is happy with the team, she has some things she wants to work on, “getting everybody up and going forward, being more confident in attacking. We’re great passers but we could do it more in the attacking third.”

Adams runs a food blog on the side, @love.luluxo.

“I’ve been doing it for 3 or 4 years. I started it because I was traveling when I was in seventh grade I drove across country for a year. We kept going to all these places and I would take photos of my food and sometimes it would be really beautiful and gourmet and nicely set up and other times it would be a juicy cheeseburger from a diner, but they could be just as good as each other. I had all these photos and I was writing things and taking notes at the restaurants I was going to and writing reviews and thinking of names, so I decided to start blogging.”


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