LC’s annual Art Week showcases artwork, confuses administration

Photo by Molly Kiefer

By Sarah McDonagh /// Staff Writer

THE WEEK OF March 28 marked Lewis & Clark’s annually held Art Week, a program that allows students to curate, display, and enjoy art from students and art professionals both on and off the LC campus. Not only were art major and minor students involved, but Pioneers from all walks of academic life participated to create everything from performance art shows to the senior art exhibition, which occurred on April 1.

“Tuesday at 6 p.m. was the art minor show opening, which displayed the works of 5 senior art minors and is still displayed in the Arnold Gallery in Fields,” Tess Haratonik ’16 said.

Events were held at galleries downtown with fantastic turnout. An art show entitled “Temporary Encounters,” which occurred at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel, was designed by two seniors who received a SAAB grant in order to display the work of 17 different artists.

Throughout the week, workshops and talks by visiting artists were open to all students, staff and faculty to both educate and inspire the LC community.

The level of detail each artist included in their work is evident from their commentary and their active desire to display each piece of art exactly as intended. Kai Ward ’18 spent over an hour in the campus Resource Lab printing small black and white photographs, determined to perfect the tint of each shade of gray before he declared the photographs gallery ready.

“It was an incredible experience to be in an amazing gallery space downtown with LC students,” Ward said. “It was the first time many of us had our work on display off campus. There was a great turnout. It was very successful thanks to Tess.”

Though Art Week itself has officially come to a close, its remnants remain visible on the LC campus. Many students may recall a series of signs placed around the campus reminiscent of typical advertising, but this, too, was actually an art project.

“We had no idea what was going on,” Taylor Knudson ’18 said. Knudson is a student employee at the Facilities office, which frequently places institutionally approved signs around campus. Calls were made to PubCom, ASLC, Conferences & Events and the facilities crew, which eventually decided to send a student employee to clean up the mysterious signs.

“Eventually, I got a call informing me that it was an art project, but not before we had sent out the employee to clean it up,” Knudson said. Art Week affected the institution on every level, showcasing not only the beauty and skill in the art produced by LC students, but also the variety and creativity.

The senior art exhibition, “19,” showcases the original art of all graduating studio art seniors. This exhibition has been commended by media such as the Wall Street Journal for its quality. For students who missed the events occurring during Art Week, the show will run until May 8.

“The senior show at the Hoffman Gallery is really inspiring as there are so many talented artists and impressive pieces which are showcased,” Ward said.

Regular gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The curators heavily encourage students to take advantage of the creative and vigorous work their fellow students have worked so hard to create.

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