A Track & Field duo deals out the goods for the demanding decathlon

(Left): Noah Avery ’19 winds up and launches his javelin. (Right): David Lovitz ’16 sprints past his Linfield competitor. (Photos Courtesy LC Pioneers)

The Pioneers return to the decathlon after six years, qualify for conference title

By Peter Melling and Sydney Odawa /// Sports Editor and Opinions Editor

Amid the midseason commotion of the Pioneers’ Track & Field schedule, a few of their members participated in one of the most arduous competitions offered in the Northwest Conference. Noah Avery ’19 and David Lovitz ’16 participated in the decathlon at the Pacific Invitational on March 21-22. The decathlon features ten events: the 100 meter dash, long jump, shot put, high jump, the 400m dash, the 110m hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin and the 1500m run (previous editions of the decathlon included a wrestling match as the final event). Avery and Lovitz both qualified for the NWC Championship decathlon, as Avery netted third place with 5421 points and Lovitz secured eighth place with 4999 points through the ten events.

Photo Courtesy LC Pioneers
Photo Courtesy LC Pioneers

PIONEER LOG: When did you start running for track & field?

NOAH AVERY ’19: I started running track and field in middle school.

DAVID LOVITZ ’16: I started to run track in high school, competing in the high jump, long jump, and 4X100.

PL: Is this your first time competing in a decathlon?

NA: This is my first time competing in a decathlon.

DL: My first time competing in the decathlon was over spring break at Pacific University.

PL: What do you like the most about LC Track & Field?

NA: What I like most about LC track and field are the coaches and the team atmosphere. The coaches put the players first, even over winning, and that’s a great environment for success.

DL: I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to try new events this season and working with great coaches and teammates.

PL: How do you think the Pioneer Track & Field team will perform at the NWC Championship?

NA: We’ve got a lot of great athletes and I know they will all perform at their top potential.

DL: We’ve all been working hard and I hope everyone achieves personal bests at the NWC championship.

PL: Will the decathlon pose any challenges absent in other events?

NA: All the events require a lot of technique and each one takes a lot of time to master. I don’t have a lot of experience with hurdles but our coaches have been staying after practice working with me to get the technique down as best as possible.

DL: The decathlon is different from other events because of how long it takes and the wide range of techniques required for each event.

Photo Courtesy LC Pioneers
Photo Courtesy LC Pioneers

Avery and Lovitz are the first Track & Field Pios to compete in the ten events of the decathlon since Liska Havel ’10 qualified for the competition during the 2010 season. These decathletes will see action again at the George Fox Invitational on April 9, albeit without competing in a decathlon. Avery and Lovitz will return to the decathlon at the NWC Championship Meet on April 22 and 23, hosted by the Pios this  year at LC’s own Eldon Fix Track.

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