Sunburnin’ Love

Photos Courtesy of Sterling Stoll

badbadnotgood30finalW-Sterling Stoll

By Kaylie Engel /// Staff Writer

Last Friday, April 10, KLC brought Lewis & Clark one of the most exciting Sunburn Festivals yet. It’s hard to imagine Stamm feeling anything close to a concert venue, but this time around it really did.  With Shigeto as an opener, the energy in the room was high despite a small crowd.

Providing a trance-y electronic sound, Shigeto had the crowd jiving. Similar to electronic artist Slow Magic, his performance style included intricate rhythms on live drums over an electronic beat. When asked what he thought of the show, Scott Berger (’17)  noted “It makes you wonder what other electronic artists are doing behind their computers.”

Post-Shigeto Stamm was almost entirely full and ready for BADBADNOTGOOD.  The band’s sound was an incredible fusion of jazz, hip-hop and jams. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that literally everyone in Stamm was dancing. BADBADNOTGOOD’s irresistible sound made it impossible to stand still.Their set included some familiar jams as they covered “Bastard” by Tyler the Creatoras well as songs by Flying Lotus. Their funky tunes got the crowd so jazzed that crowd surfing and stage jumping became common throughout the night. The heavy jazz continued as everyone pushed and shoved their way towards the stage. After the show, the lights turned back on and all the sweaty dancers awkwardly met eyes in the light. BADBADNOTGOOD stuck around to chat with some of the audience members afterwards, then proceeded to take a selfie with the audience. I even got the chance to shake one of the members’ hands. What an opportunity to have. Thanks KLC.

BigHow1final-Sterling Stoll BigHow2final-Sterling Stoll Happy Dagger-Sterling Stoll HappyDagger2final-Sterling Stoll HappyDagger3final-Sterling Stoll MayaBon1final-Sterling Stoll MayaBon2final-Sterling Stoll Shigeto1final-Sterling Stoll Shigeto2final-Sterling Stoll Shigeto3final-Sterling Stoll SuntanHarrisfinal-Sterling Stoll TheGoddamnBand1final-Sterling Stoll TheGoddamnBand2final-Sterling Stoll TheGoddamnBand3final-Sterling Stoll TheGoddamnBand4final-Sterling Stoll TheGoddamnBand5final-Sterling Stoll

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