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It’s late afternoon on a rare sunny day in Portland. Roommate, student and fellow photographer Cassie Broadwin and I stumble out of our room at approximately 3:15 pm, just in time to meet ASLC members Jensen Hsiao, David Shapiro and Lincoln David Boyd II outside of Holmes.

Us two girls lead the boys down an academic bridge, past the pool and to the picnic tables just up from the rose gardens. It isn’t long before the boys are goofing around striking a pose.

Read more below to learn a little bit about Hsiao, Shapiro, Boyd II, ASLC, and shopping in unexpected places.

JENSEN, Senator, CSRC, Freshman


Why Portland?

Because #PNWisbest or it’s where Lewis & Clark is?

How does Portland influence your style?

The style is in the details, and Portland is home to many small boutiques with an array of details to top off an outfit as one pleases. It’s also the perfect temperature to layer up a bit.


How did you decide to get involved with ASLC?

I like changing things and I like people. Naturally I ran for senate to represent my class and advance our school in meaningful ways.

What are your favorite things about LC?

The campus is absolutely gorgeous. The access to professors is phenomenal, and the sense of community everyone has is riveting.


Tell me two truths and a lie.

They may not be in that order, but:

  1. I know 4 languages.
  2. I always carrying post-it notes for easy brainstorming.
  3. I was not born in one of the 50 states.

Describe to me what you’re wearing.

When I dress I go for simple, intentional and slightly unconventional. I try to leave away from the traditional garb while still being relatable and grounded – I try to bring these practices into every aspect of my life.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

Some clothing from: J Crew, H&M, Whole Foods.

DAVID, Auditor, Chair of the Auditory branch, Sophomore


Why Portland?

I could focus on why Portland is amazing or I could talk about how many hours I’ve spent in Los Angeles rush hour traffic. Either way, Portland wins.

How does Portland influence your style?

Original style and North Face® Jacket.


How did you decide to get involved with ASLC?

I was originally wrangled in by Micah Leinbach about a year ago. I had been researching college affordability in higher education and wanted to know the figures for Lewis & Clark. Between researching retention to debating about election protocol and ethics, I finally decided to run for Senate.

What are your favorite things about LC?

$15 vegan pizza from the Trail Room, College Outdoors and interdisciplinary research.


Tell me two truths and a lie.

  1. I’ve been working on a painting Benedict Cumberbatch for two years.
  2. Woodrow Wilson is my favorite president.
  3. My front teeth are fake.

Describe to me what you’re wearing.

I am wearing a Zara Man shirt and slim tie, Hugo Boss blazer, Muji trousers, Topshop rouge-banana socks and Cole Haan Oxfords. Of these, Muji is the company I would recommend to anyone looking for simple and functional clothing at an affordable price. As for the ring I am wearing, if you’d like to know the story… feel free to ask me in person.

LINCOLN, President, Senior


Why Portland?

1. Portland happens to be the home of one of the most attractive and well-rounded colleges in the country.

2. I wanted to be in a place that challenged my political and religious convictions.

3. I heard Portland was home to some of the most interesting people in the world so I came to people watch and spend sometime in the Pacific Northwest.

How does Portland influence your style?

Well when I wear Carhartt at home (Lodi, CA) people think I dress like a hick, but when I wear Carhartt in Portland people think I look trendy. Portland hasn’t really influenced my style, my wardrobe is just perceived a little different up here.

How did you decide to get involved with ASLC?

I have always been attracted to public service and figured joining student government would be an excellent platform to help address the ideas and concerns of my peers.

What are your favorite things about LC?

I appreciate the academic rigor and accessibility of our professors. You couldn’t ask for a better faculty, full of hard-working, dedicated individuals who would go to the moon and back for their students. I also cherish our eclectic student body. Whenever friends visit me from back home, they are always intrigued by the interests, hobbies, views, and styles of Lewis & Clark students and I think the thought-provoking, head-turning dynamic of our students makes Lewis & Clark a place that is unlike any other. This last point is something I have come to truly value as I prepare to graduate and leave the Hill.

Tell me two truths and a lie.

  1. I played football at Lewis & Clark.
  2. I despise classical music.
  3. I can play the guitar with my mouth.

Describe to me what you’re wearing.

The JV#13 bracelet is a little reminder of a close friend and teammate of mine from Lewis & Clark – Jacob Valdiviezo. He passed away when I was a sophomore and I wear it everyday as a reminder to put a smile on and surround myself with outstanding people. Life is best spent with people who make life a good time all the time, like Jacob.


I picked up the green chords at a second hand shop in DC because they were cheap and they felt right.  I bought my watch after seeing a picture of JFK and thinking, “One, I need a watch and two, JFK is a well-dressed fella, therefore swagger-jacking his style wouldn’t be a bad thing.” I also always keep my watch five minutes ahead to make sure that I get to places on time. Growing up my Dad always kept his car clock and the clock in our family’s kitchen five minutes fast and I guess I picked up this quirk after I bought the watch.


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