Pioneers for Pioneers program solicits donations to offset the rising tuition costs

ASLC’s answer to the rising cost of college is a college-wide call to action

By Meghan Zea /// News Editor

Associated Students of Lewis & Clark’s new Pioneers for Pioneers scholarship program marks a student-led initiative for students, staff,  administrators and anyone else involved in the Lewis & Clark community to help offset rising tuition costs at LC.
ASLC President Lincoln Boyd  (’15) started the program after returning from the National Campus Leadership Council conference at the National Leadership Summit, where the topic of college affordability was center stage. Boyd met student body presidents from other schools with similar programs, and later worked with ASLC to create a model appropriate for LC.
Boyd claims that Pioneers for Pioneers will help increase student retention at LC.

“Students leave for two reasons,” Boyd said. “The first reason is that they can’t afford [LC], and the second reason is that they don’t feel like this is the community for them. With Pioneers for Pioneers, we can show these students that we want them here.”
The funds raised by Pioneers for Pioneers will become a Supplementary Educational Opportunity Grant and be given to a select number of students the Financial Aid office deems most needy. Since the Pioneers for Pioneers grant is not a part of Federal SEOG, recipients do not have to worry about potential adjustment to their Financial Aid award or additional processing fees. The Pioneers for Pioneers grant, like any other piece of financial aid, covers both direct costs, such as tuition, as well as indirect costs, like books and transportation.

So far, Pioneers for Pioneers has raised a total of $1,574.63 from tabling alone. In addition, LC Trustees Tony Abena, Ruth Segal and President Barry Glassner have promised to match the total, tentatively raising the funds to $6,298.52. Boyd says that there are other ways for students to get involved if they cannot donate money, such as community outreach and by joining the Pioneers for Pioneers committee established by ASLC to discuss further tactics.

ASLC Senator Daniela Lopez (’16) praises the student-community’s involvement in the program so far.
“The Pioneers for Pioneers program is more successful than any other campaign I’ve seen at LC,” Lopez said. “I think it’s because it an issue that affects everyone in the community.”

Students who are interested in getting involved  in Pioneers for Pioneers can learn more at ASLC website


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