Corrections: Week of Sept. 26, 2014

“ASLC cabinet violates constitution in election”

For an article on ASLC cabinet’s constitutional violations in the recent election, President Lincoln Boyd (’15) told The Pioneer Log that he gave Director of Elections Noah Callaghan (’15) a $100 stipend. Boyd later clarified that while the stipend is still unconstitutional, ASLC cabinet members voted to offer Callaghan the money. Boyd is not a voting member of cabinet.

The above article stated that if ASLC could not find the required six senators for each class, “students could have applied for the remaining seats and been selected by senators.” As of Spring 2014, this is actually not a procedure allowed by the constitution.

The above article misrepresented the relationship between Boyd and former Director of Elections Josh Provost (’16). Boyd does not blame the errors in this election on Provost’s performance or character, but rather on the sudden transition between directors of elections. Before he quit, Provost provided ASLC with emailed instructions and recommendations for voting software.

“Gender-open bathrooms appear on campus”

An article on the construction of gender-neutral restrooms on the academic side of campus placed cisgender in quotes, implying that the term is unusual. The quotes should have been removed, and The Pioneer Log style guide has been edited accordingly.

The above article misstated Nicole Calande’s (’16) title. She is the former, not current, president of United Genders & Sexualities.

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