Stirring the pot: Marijuana legalization in Oregon and its surprising tax revenue


Tax revenue of marijuana exceeds expectations, but debatably translates to funding public schools The legalization of recreational marijuana in Oregon has been a particularly interesting saga to follow.  Measure 91 passed in 2014, formally legalizing the usage of recreational marijuana and outlining standards for recreational cannabis cultivation for Oregonians over the age of 21.  Additionally,

Propped for change: Measure 97 takes on Oregon’s corporate taxes


Oregon’s Measure 97 proposes increased corporate sales taxes in order to fund social services, affecting multiple aspects of the local economy. Students may have heard mumblings about consumer sales taxes and potential employers moving out of state, alongside counterarguments of improved public school funding and minimal effect on their favorite small businesses. The text of

Measure 97 is not a sales tax, only taxes corporations


Measure 97 is not a sales tax, only taxes corporations: Opponents of Measure 97 have tried to paint it as a sales tax, a scare tactic to get Oregon to vote no   As election season comes to a precipice, Oregon voters are faced with what could be the first sales tax initiative on the