We are all the ASLC


By Daniela Lopez /// Op-Ed Contributor Two years ago, a room full of dedicated students spent five hours rewriting our entire ASLC constitution. They drastically changed the structure of student government by increasing the number of Senators, lowering Cabinet stipends, and more. They tried to fix what felt like a broken system. Fast forward to

Sale of riverside property concerns students


By JONAH SVIHUS On Oct. 16, the Lewis & Clark Board of Trustees approved the sale of the college’s riverfront property. At their most recent meeting, the Building and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees propositioned subdividing the property into two lots (collectively about three-quarters of an acre) and selling each of these lots

Students urge LC to divest from conflict minerals in tech

Madeleine Bentley

By ALLIE MCRAITH Most technology on campus, both the school’s and individual students’, contains minerals — specifically gold and/or the 3Ts (tin, tantalum and tungsten) — that armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo profit from via illegal trade. The Enough Project — a non-governmental organization based in Washington D.C. dedicated to stopping violence

LC Style: Ian Rex


      Rex (’17) pulls from minimalism, Portland streets, thrift stores, and advice from his mom to inspire and fill his wardrobe. By Demi Glidden /// LC Style Editor Rex is a biology major and dancer here at LC. He has subtle, but crisp style that pulls from all different sources of inspiration. Below, you’ll