Elections Blues Playlist


Feeling blue? Check out our post-presidential election playlist. It may not be the antidote for the dreariness that has been 2016, but it might just help, even a little bit. Besides, at the end of the day, when was the last time you listened to Sam Cooke? Enjoy.  

Barry Glassner Unveils New Spotify Playlist with Pioneer Log


‘The Boss’ goes digital, hand picks songs from his musical archive   IN OUR MINDS, there remains a key issue missing from the ‘Meet Barry Glassner’ page found on LC’s website. We are presented with a list of accomplishments, dates, facts and figures, yet nothing of Mr. Glassner’s musical tastes. As natural curators of all

Spotify: is it worth it?


By Leslie Muir /// Opinions Editor David Lowery is suing Spotify for $150 million over artist copyright infringement. Taylor Swift wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal condemning music streaming sites, such as Spotify, that cut artists out of supposedly substantial profits. Spotify doesn’t even have my favorite Chance the Rapper album up. So should