How Republicans are uniting against Trump


When Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency in 2015, some Republicans were skeptical. In 2016, they either voted along party lines and elected Trump, protested by voting for Hillary Clinton or threw their vote to a third-party candidate. After four years of Trump in office, several Republicans are escaping Trump’s Make America Great

Presidential election season in full swing as Democrats hold lead


By HANNAH CREASEY /// Staff Writer AS NOV. 8 approaches, the likelihood that election polls will predict our next president increases. The Washington Post and Morning Consult both released wide-scope polls, each reaching 50 states and a combined total of about 92,000 voters. The results were surprising. While both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have

College Republicans challenge LC’s liberal status quo


  By Emma Grillo /// Features Editor For many Lewis & Clark students, college is a time to really let the liberal freak flag fly. We buy a pair of Birkenstocks, feel the Bern and demand universal health care. Yet Bradley Davis ‘18, one of the re-founders and the past president of College Republicans, has had